Blum inset hinges and MDF doors

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Steven Garner, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. Steven Garner

    Steven Garner Member

    Hi all,

    im putting together a ‘built in’ wardrobe in our bedroom and need some advice please.

    I am using IKEA carcasses, I know many may ‘ugh’ but access to time and equipment to make everything from scratch isn’t an option sadly. I am also a new’ish to DIYer and the option of drawers and accessories is really helpful.

    I have built a floor frame from 3x2 with a ply top, levelled up nicely and built the carcasses, cutting them down to fit the sloped ceiling and I plan to attach a face frame (poplar wood) and hang doors, flat fronted, mdf. I have also added ply strips to the carcasses to support and L bracketed them to the wall. They are sturdy and very straight / true.


    As I am attaching a face frame, I would like the doors to be inset. For doors this size (500mm x 2200 aprox) would moisture resistant MDF suffice? If so - 18mm ok? Does it then make sense to have the face frame also 18mm?

    once decided, I then need to sort out hinges. I’ll ignore the IKEA holes as I assume they are only set for the surfacemount IKEA hinges (unless not?). Are the BLUM 71b3750 good for this? Will they be ok with the 18mm doors?

    if I’m missing a trick - please pull me up! Im learning and wanting to absorb!

    cheers all.


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  2. I-Man

    I-Man Screwfix Select


    IKEA carcasses aren't that bad providing you put them together properly and don't stress the joints when maneuvering them around. I've recently done 2 of the bedrooms in my house using the PAX range. Have also customized them to give the built in look - eg in the corners I have curved ceilings so have built custom boxes and doors, adapted a dresser unit to fit in-between cupboards and added custom units on top to create a housing for TV etc, and then run a plinth along the bottom to tie it all in. Have also painted the doors and side panels to match the walls.

    Back to your question, 18mm MR mdf is fine - lookup "10 minute workshop" on youtube, the guy builds wardrobes using the same material. He also has some videos on hinges which you'll find useful
  3. Shytot

    Shytot Active Member

    Nice clean job mate . Those Blum hinges are fine for inset doors . Good advice regarding Peter Millard YouTube videos..
  4. chillimonster

    chillimonster Screwfix Select

    Peter Millard...very good u-tuber ( a lot aren't )
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  5. Devdude

    Devdude New Member

    Hi All - looking to briefly revive this thread. I am in the exact same position as OP. i have my cabinets up and inside edge to inside edge of the units next to each other is at 44mm. My idea is to buy 44mm stripwood wood to create a faceframe around and then have inset doors.

    However, further to OP if i have inset doors, when they are open will the komplement drawers be able to slide in and out? Or will the thickess of the door clash with them?
  6. Hausfix

    Hausfix Screwfix Select

    The drawers will collide with the doors if you use inset hinges I’m sorry to report.

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