Board change my problem???

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am I right in saying it’s not a cost I should swallow

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  1. Ritchie Byrne

    Ritchie Byrne New Member

    Hi Guys. New to the forum.
    I have recently completed a kitchen extension on a 1990s house. My electirician has dissappeared. Resulting in no minor works Test or cert. Customer said he knew an electrician and wanted to get it tested himself and take the cost off my final payment. Fine. His electrician has said that the board is outdated and needs updating. My electrician didn’t touch the board as in adding any circuits on extended existing. Customer is trying to make me swallow the cost of the board change. This surely isn’t right. Cheers
  2. Heat

    Heat Well-Known Member

    Really a question to put on the electricians section here.
    I would think it depends on 2 things, -

    (1) If a new consumer unit is actually required for regs,
    (2) What your contract, quote, estimate was agreed with customer.
  3. Ritchie Byrne

    Ritchie Byrne New Member

    Cheers. Showing my inexperience on the forum. Although to answer your question this was not included in the quote and the guy only just brought the house.

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