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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Danio, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Danio

    Danio New Member

    I know this is a fairly common problem on here, but my boiler is in the garage with a frost stat fitted and is on all the time in cold weather.
    I understand I need to get another thermostat fitted to the return to override the frost stat, but I'm having trouble finding someone willing to do it. In the short term is it possible to fit a tubular heater or two under the boiler and frost stat to take the edge of the cold. All the water pipes are lagged so I doubt they'd freeze. I'm guessing it's cheaper to have a couple of 120W heaters running than the central heating.
  2. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    no it is not.

    just get an RGI to sort it out 4U.
  3. honestbob

    honestbob Member

    Any sparky could do this for you, all it needs is a break on rise thermostat put on the return pipe as close to the boiler as practical, set to 25 c I think. When the frost stat kicks in and fires the boiler, it pumps warm water round the system. When the warm water gets all the way back to the boiler the pipe stat breaks the circuit killing the power. Much more fool proof and I'd have thought cheaper than trying to take the chill off half the garage. Also protects most of the rest of the heating system from freezing. But heating the garage should knock the frost stat out, just don't heat the frost stat on its own, you need to make sure the boiler is warm enough not to freeze. But to be honest have seen a lot of boilers fitted in garages with no frost stats that have never frozen. they're usually being used if its that cold, and you normally need a bit of wind chill to freeze a pipe. Does it freeze that hard where you are? Sorry for the long reply
  4. Danio

    Danio New Member

    I'm in the south east, so it doesn't get too cold. It's more a a money saving exercise to stop the boiler being on all night. I've tunred the frost stat right down but the boiler still comes on when it 2/3 degrees.

    Is it an electrician or a gas man I need?
  5. honestbob

    honestbob Member

    Anyone who can do minor electrical works, electricians and some rgi's

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