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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by benoniboy, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. benoniboy

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    Hi all,

    My old boiler (ideal turbo 2 12kW) has decided to give up the ghost. the fan has gone (probably bearing or coil). I've got 2 options, either get the part replaced (i've seen recon fan for about £70, new fan at £300!!!) plus fitting. OR consider getting a new boiler

    My question is should I go ahead and get the part changed and what would the likely labour time be?
    How much should I look at paying for a nw boiler and labour. The existing boiler is a condensing boiler, condensing pipe 21.5mm pipe, flow and return are 22mm, gas pipe is 15mm (all sounds fairly standard). I just simply want the old boiler removed and new boiler fitted oh and the system powerflushed as they haven't been cleaned in ages!

    My concern is that with the current boiler getting on (I suspect it is the original fitted when the house was built in late 1980's/early 90's) is this the start of bits to go wrong on the boiler! Only previous fault was the condensate drain became blocked a few years back which I managed to sort and replace myself and the thermostat in the lounge went so I replaced both the thermostat and timer with new digital programmable types when I fitted thermostatic radiator valves to the rads.


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    if its the ideal im thinking of its got a aluminium condence tray that normally gets corroded away if it is that boiler i would just replace it.
  3. Idealian

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    Before you spend loads of money on a new unit. Consider calling the manufacturer out. If the boiler has only the one fault being the fan surely it should be considered as a serviceable unit. Speak to Ideal on 01482498660, a call out with fixed price repair should only cost you £210! Why spend upto 3k on changing it? A system flush can be considered to help the heat exchanger general efficiency also helping the rads and pipework perform better. A system flush is always required when fitting a new boiler as stated in British standards BS7593:1992 and 'Good practice'. Although a thorough system flush can cost £600 - £800! It is a good and long hard days work if done properly.
    Obviously other factors to consider would be the fuel efficieny of the unit.
    Hope these pointers help.
    Ideal phone lines open at 8:00am - 12:30pm on Sunday.

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