Boiler heating radiators when off

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by arsenalboy, May 29, 2021.

  1. arsenalboy

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    I have an EcoTec Plus 831 that is providing heat to radiators even though central heating is turned off.

    Okay, so 4 months ago the boiler broke down and we have a contract with BG who replaced a Diverter Cartridge, a low water pressure switch and an expansion vessel.

    Because of the exceptionally cold spring we have only turned off the central heating this week and noticed that the radiators nearest the boiler are luke warm. I have narrowed this down to when we use the hot water.

    I would imagine it has been like this since the repairs were carried out but cannot be certain.

    I will contact BG to come and fix it but would like the opinion of you experts.

    What would cause this problem and can it be linked to the repairs? To my non expert eyes the diverter valve would be the culprit but this is brand new.

    Just trying to ascertain whether BG will justify another chargeable repair?

    Many thanks
  2. Teki

    Teki Screwfix Select

    What was the previous issue you were having?
  3. arsenalboy

    arsenalboy Member

    The issues that I could see where simple but the causes I dont know. The issues were water dripping out of the bottom of casing and pressure guage very low. Topping up would keep it limping along for a couple of hours before it packed up again.
  4. Baxi Boy

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    It does sound like the diverter valve allowing water to the tap and radiators at the same time,which a new part shouldn’t do obviously.I have heard of some older combis doing this after the tap is shut off,as a way of dissipating heat from the boiler.
    If you can reach the heating flow pipe at the same time as running hot water,the pipe should stay cold,if it warms,the diverter valve is allowing it past I believe.That means you lose some heat and the water probably won’t get so warm at the tap as it should.

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