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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Graham price, May 31, 2011.

  1. Ah well - it's been entertaining

    Looking forward to hearing the true cause...

    (Blertsville, I'd quite like to meet you.)
  2. Graham price

    Graham price New Member

    Well thanks for the compliments blertsville !!   If you had looked at my first post you would see I tried that.  Now I've replaced the head he's back on board................ By replacing that,  the resistor and diode mentioned by Sam have been replaced so they ain't the cause either.  Programmer looking likely I think.
  3. blertsville

    blertsville Member

    May I suggest you call the installer ...oh you have , maybe you should have done that on day one instead of letting your boiler run for two weeks . these sort of problems are best sorted out ' hands on ' by a professional , the answers giving on this forum as helpful as they  maybe are guesses , with enough guesses you will sort the problem , a professional installer would sort it in minutes, hope this helps
  4. 911_Bob

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    Devil's Advocate, this is an old post, but this little nugget of information is gold, thank you. I've inherited a very old system which isn't working. The weather's cold, and all the heating engineers I've called say it will be at least 3 weeks before they can come and have a look. I had the heating Actuator not turning on, so replaced that, and normal service was resumed. A week later and the boiler and pump are running constantly, even when the programmer was saying 'non'. The boiler was then over-heating and throwing a fault code. With your words of wisdom, I've tracked it to the HW valve actuator which decided it wanted to flipping be "king". So replaced that, and now it's back to normal for a while.

    So thank for taking the time to post 8 years ago!!
  5. desmond kelly

    desmond kelly New Member

    Hi there.More advice required.I replaced my old type oil central heating boiler in my 4 bed house with the new Turco condencing boiler 9 years ago.Went fantastic for a few years but began to get tempermental in the last cuple of years.{One would need to do a course to set the sauter EPH 3 zone programmer} 1.I have the same problem as you with the Drayton motorised valve sometimes not shutting off the system at the set time e, g, 11 pm. and it continues to stay on all night or sometimes in the morning it stays on all day and does not shut off at the set time 9 a m .2.Black pointer in the pressure gauge is always down at zero [i think it should be level wth the red pointer]and i have been told that this is due to a leak in the system but there are no visible leaks in the system.3.Extremely loud hum from time to time around the EPH 3 zone programmer.4.Oil storage tank is 26 years old, Would there be dirt in the bottom of it.I was thinking of a process of elimination.E.G.! install a new Drayton motorised valve first.Very difficult to find an ingineener who knows much about it.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.Des.

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