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    I am trying to pressurise my boiler so I can bleed my radiators. From a bit of research on line I think I need to turn two isolation valves in order to achieve this.

    I have photographed the set up along with the valves I think I need to turn in the attached photos.

    The one right next to the pressure indicator looks straightforward however the second valve, most instructions seem to indicate I should be able to turn this with a screwdriver. The only way I can see myself getting a grip to turn this would be with a pair of pliers. Can someone advise if I am looking at the wrong thing here or if this is a bad idea?
    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Mike83

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    The second one should have a black handle on it.
    It’s been removed for whatever reason.
    So just turn it with a spanner or similar.
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    Good to know, Thanks Mike!

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