Boiler replacement options.

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by billfromarran, Jul 24, 2021.

  1. billfromarran

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    My present system is served by an Ideal Mexico slimline boiler ( approx 30 years old) ,via a 3 way diverter valve to either rads or an indirect hot water cylinder,or both.
    It is working very well, but I feel its time to replace the boiler before they are banned .
    Thing is ,I would like to replace the boiler like with like,it is apparently still available ,but would I be better to look at something else?
    I want to keep the HW cylinder,as it is also heated by a wood burner in the winter and gives us unlimited HW.
    The present boiler is floor standing,and any replacement would have to be the same due to space.
    Would a combi boiler be able to serve the Hot water cylinder?
    I will do the replacement myself and get it signed off ,this won't be a problem.
    Any relevant suggestions welcome. Thanks. (feels odd posting this in the middle of a heatwave!!!)
  2. Tilt

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    If the old one is a condensing boiler, then a like for like is fine.....

    If not a condensing boiler then it will not be exactly 'like for like', but the newer version, but why not, if you like the boiler...but you would need a soak-away or nearby drain for the condensate pipe. :)
  3. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Screwfix Select

    I have just had this done myself...
    The "heating" output of the combi feeds both the radiators, and the hot water cylinder, via a zone valve. The hot water output only feeds a small bathroom, (just above the boiler, which is in garage), and the garage sink.
    The other hot water taps, (Kitchen, bathroom, understairs toilet), are all short pipe runs from hot water cylinder.

    I suspect it will be!

    Good luck,

  4. Muzungu

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    In my opinion it will be decades before gas boilers will be banned.

    The statement by Philip Hammond in spring 2019 concerning the "future homes standard" has, I believe, caused bit of confusion. It is my understanding that this appears to apply only to new build homes and will not affect existing installations; that is if you have an existing gas or oil installation in an older house you will still be able to replace like for like, I have yet to see anything which states explicitly that you can't. It may be that the replacement has to be "hydrogen ready" which is pretty meaningless and is little more than saying the installation can be adjusted to cope with a low concentration hydrogen mix sometime in the distant future, if indeed ever.

    It is, of course, not surprising that the many companies jumping on the ASHP bandwagon will not be behind-hand in adding to the above hype, very possibly leading to installations in older houses that just will not work anywhere close to the previous fossil fuel installs, and possibly be more expensive to run; certainly many times more expensive (in many cases) to install.

    This is my understanding of the situation and, if incorrect, welcome clarification.
  5. Mike83

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    If your happy with it keep it.
    Modern boilers whilst efficient ain’t exactly reliable.
    You’ll never recoup the costs back.
    Hear stories all the time from people who wished they still had their older system.
    Some even wish that they still just had a coal fire as it was simple and almost maintenance free.
    Some older boilers are so reliable that’s it’s madness to bin them.
    Just have the money set aside for when things eventually do go wrong.
  6. trevor chenery

    trevor chenery New Member


    Just wondered what the position is with the boiler, did you get it replaced ?
    Reason I'm asking is my Ideal Mexico Super slimline CF 475 needs some obsolete parts and wondered if you had the same model (similar).

    Thank you.
    tre Chen

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