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  1. DaveF

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    OK I have a customer here who is complaining about his plumber. This affects a kitchen installation.
    I have no knowledge of boiler types but need to advise him.
    His currently boiler is very old and is gravity system that has a simple timer and thermostat with a flue running through the ceiling and out the roof. The boiler is in a small room with a 4" air vent pipe running from the outside of the house under the floor in to the boiler room.
    His plumber insists on a combination boiler and that it is placed on an outside wall, preferably in the loft.
    That is not acceptable to him. He does not want the boiler in a different place ( certainly not in the loft ) and he does not want a combination boiler. He does not want to change his radiators and he does not want to pressurise them either. However the plumber will not give him any other options.
    My question is, given that the boiler in in the middle of the house, what arrangements for ventilation are possible for a heat only boiler? It's a bungalow so the flue is pretty short.
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  2. just pumps

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    Change the plumber for one who listens to the customer.
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    Tell " the plumber " where to go and seek quotes and advice from 3 reputable central heating engineers. If the property is rented the tenant has no real right to determine what and where boiler is fitted. If property is owned you can tell him where to go !!
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  4. DaveF

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    The property is his and yes I had already determined that the plumber is full of it. The plumber is basically trying to pressure him in to a job he doesn't want. I keep telling him not to use British Gas but he's an old fellow and sticks to what he knows.
    I assume that it's possible to sort something out with the air supply for the boiler ( rather than the rubbish 4" pipe under the floor ) so indeed there ARE alternatives.
    I an too out of date with boilers and standards so I wanted to make sure so that I can give him positive advice rather than just tell him my suspicions.
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  5. Cwt

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    Heat only in same location with vertical flue.
    Gravity hot water not allowed anymore so would need to converted to "s" or "y" plan with twin channel timer, cylinder and room thermostat.
    Modern boilers don't require air vents
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    I would agree with one thing the plumber recommended - that the heating system is much better sealed (pressurised). A system boiler will have that, but a non system boiler could have external components for a sealed system fitted (expansion vessel, relief valve, filling loop).
    Reasons why sealed system is best is
    (1) Will not absorb air and no need to bleed rads regularly
    (2) Much less corrosion
    (3) No risk of pump over
    (4) Better heating performance
    (5) System will have no feed tank to keep a leak going causing major damage, like a nail in a pipe could cause in an open system

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