Bonding or Cement???

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Raul B, Sep 15, 2020.

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    As part of doing up our kitchen we’ve taken off the windowboards so we can level it all out (3 separate windows)! It looked so bad esp after we put on a new breakfast bar we had to take them off!

    Having taken off the windowboards I’ve measured the lowest point we can go throughout because of the brickwork which is 11cm. Now there’s some parts that I need to raise up to 3/4cm n others a few mm, blimey!

    How should I best level this off, what ‘filler’ should I use??? Maybe some grit or stones for the lower level?

    Also will I need angle beading? I don’t plan to multi finish plaster it, we’re metro tiling the Upstands.


    P.S. I’ll try posting some pics tomorrow.
  2. Ian1980

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    Bonding is not a suitable substrate for tiling over.

    For the larger depth i would probably dab plasterboard to the desired height in two or three layers. For the ones with a few mm i would skim it level.
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  3. Raul B

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    Thanks everyone, I used sand and cement and the wider gaps mixed stone in them!

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