Bonding vs sand/cement

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Jay459, Jul 24, 2021.

  1. Jay459

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    I had to make a horizontal chase in my utility room to move sockets. My father in law filled it with sand/cement. Maybe the heat was to blame but its like powder, plasterer said i need to remove it and he will bond it and skim it next week. Ive removed the sand and cement and boy was it poor, it came off with ease.

    Is bonding best for me, i have a granite worktop installed and plan to do an upstand but what if i want to tile it in future, ive read you cant tile on bonding but does that matter for a single chase 1.8m long
  2. Abrickie

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    But you wouldn’t be tiling onto bonding if you’re having it skimmed over, you’ll be tiling to multi finish :rolleyes:
  3. CGN

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    It’s only a splash back, so tiling over bonding is no problem in this instance. Don’t over think it
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  4. I-Man

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    Sounds like too much sand in the mix

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