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    The Irish Border‏ @BorderIrish Nov 24

    Tl;dr - bus metaphors, but forgot about the big red one - wants cake, but forgot about the gay one - wants different deal, but forgot to say which one - won't pay the divorce deal, but forgot about his own one

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    1. The Irish Border‏ @BorderIrish Nov 22

      This guy is now calling the backstop the Ulster Protocol but that's a hotel in Sri Lanka


    2. [​IMG] The Irish Border‏ @BorderIrish Nov 22

      And then .. oh I can't be bothered


    3. [​IMG] The Irish Border‏ @BorderIrish Nov 22

      After years of dividing Ireland I'm now enjoying dividing the @HouseofCommons

    4. [​IMG] The Irish Border‏ @BorderIrish Nov 22

      This lad doesn't want a backstop, he wants an alternative arrangement but he's not saying what it is because he's so outraged


    5. [​IMG] The Irish Border‏ @BorderIrish Nov 22

      This guy doesn't like my backstop either because it came as a complete ****ing surprise to him that it's in the Agreement


    6. [​IMG] The Irish Border‏ @BorderIrish Nov 22

      This one says the backstop's a horror and wants to change the text to his own sci-fi version

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    8. [​IMG] The Irish Border‏ @BorderIrish Nov 22

      IDS says my backstop is toxic, but, like, I've followed his career and you know

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  6. benny hill

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    YEAH its a load of **** ,just like your previous posts.
    Why should there be a backstop? This is simply a load of nonsense concocked by Varadker and the EU.
    Does Austria have a border? Does Hungary? etc etc

    Leave the EU. Let the EU put a border in Eire . The UK should tell them so.
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    So which of the u/s are you? :p:p
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    JJ, Filly, IIR and Longs all know how the Schengen area works - so none of them.
  9. benny hill

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    Which part of leave and **** them do you not understand?:p:p
  10. chippie244

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    Which one is thick enough to come out with this, Harry perhaps?
  11. btiw2

    btiw2 Well-Known Member

    With that level of wrong?
    Can only be ha.
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    Thank you very much, Benny Fill. I was beginning to think no-one cared about my thread :oops:
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    Im not sure anybody does, the two from your side only piped up to comment on Ernies' post.
  14. joinerjohn1

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    Yes, I know how the Schengen area works. Didn’t stop Hungary rolling out the razor wire fencing last year though,,, did it ?

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