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  1. ajohn

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    LOL You mean you posted without reading and so posted again quoting it?

    ;) BBC news reporting annoyed me a bit lunchtime and even more so in the evening but did remedied it a bit by broadcasting what he actually said. Then channel 4 really p##sed me off with utterly stupid questions. It all down to the editors trying to create exciting news and not liking fact. That probably influenced a fair number of people on brexit as well plus the total taters that were kicking about at the time anyway.

  2. Tony Goddard

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    I think its all going just how Boris planned it to, yes he's had 6 defeats, but I think they were calculated, the mathematics of parliament meant he can't have expected to win any of them.

    The first one was to flush out the traitors in his own party, give them enough rope to hang themselves. He then knocked the idea of an election before the 31st on the head, twice, he called Corbyns bluff and he bottled it, twice.

    As a bonus he's got shot of Bercow, all that took up a week, now they are off for 5 weeks and can't interfere. The law means he has to ask for an extension, but will he bother?, the courts have already set a precedent by saying they don't want to be involved in politics. Even if he does the chances of all 27 EU states agreeing to another extension are near nil, Macron only just let the last one go through.

    There will be an election afterwards, at which I hope everyone will sit for any candidate other than the sitting candidate - time for a complete change of personnel and a new venue, members sat in a circle UN style, alphabetically, not by party, electronic voting, no more lobbies, grandstanding and titting about on the taxpayers money.
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    The reason that no one will vote for an election is because once that happens he can set it when ever he likes and that can and would affect Brexit.

    It's thought that he might start a vote on loss of confidence of his own party to try and force an election. Unlikely to succeed for the reason above.

    My personal view is that those that started it all should be in when we are out and for at least 5 years after that. Then it will be pretty clear who caused any problems. They should bring all of them back including Cameron.

    Hitler is supposed to have said something on the lines "Isn't it fortunate for leaders that men are such fools". He didn't and we also have women that vote so men should include them as well.

    There is a country that is run and offers much the same as ours

    In their case debt is 39% of GDP unlike our 87%

    Problem with the so called Conservatives is that they went radical in Mrs T's time and it hasn't worked out and never will do unless there are some pretty large changes. What do people do though - blame it on the EU. :) You'll all realise that one day.

  4. Muzungu

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    I think anyone who attempts to say with any confidence what is going to happen next is guessing more than anything else.

    Having said that let's take a punt.

    We are not going to leave on the 31st and an election follows soon after. The Conservatives have got themselves in a bit of a hole. They will lose a significant amount of voters to the Lib Dems due to their (the Conservatives) relinquishing the middle ground and veering to the right. They might gain a bit from the traditional Labour voters who voted leave, but if the Brexit party are in the running they may lose out on a significant number of that demographic.

    Following the election there will be another hung parliament with both Labour and Conservatives struggling to form some sort of coalition with the other parties. Labour will form a coalition Government with the SNP and Lib Dems and any Green party MPs; all remainers. Another referendum will follow when the country will vote remain.

    There's my take but I am not at all confident of any of the above, just putting it out there. As I said, anyone who is confident as to what will now happen is in my opinion guessing.
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    Yes, we need some of that either way for all sides.
  6. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Well-Known Member

    Any alternative solution to the issues faced are imaginary at the moment. It is imagination that is required in spades, to get us out of this god almighty mess.

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