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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by flyingscotsman, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. flyingscotsman

    flyingscotsman New Member

    Evening all, I`ve been looking at the Bosch gcm10s, and was wondering if anyone had a good/bad word on them, cheers
  2. bigwavedave

    bigwavedave New Member

    I've got one.

    Nothing exceptional but equally nothing wrong with it. Better than the Dewalt saw I owned previously. Cuts accurately and runs smoothly. It also fits well on my Dewalt legs that I got with the Dewalt saw.
  3. Piratejoiner

    Piratejoiner New Member

    I have one and as the previous guy said i used it to replace a dewalt (707?)

    It is a much better saw then the dewalt .Smooth action and a lot of features that the 707 doesnt have + 3 years warranty

    Down side it I broke the transport lock end as it got stuck .Although it still works

    God forbid it got stole !!! I would buy another
  4. paulo333

    paulo333 Member


    I also have one, with the Bosch stand. In general a great piece of kit. Few small criticisms:

    1. The extractor/dust bag attachment is not positioned well. It can get in the way a bit depending on the angle you are cutting at (just menas having to reposition).

    2. The laser isn't very clear in brighter light. I don't bother using it.

    3. The Bosch clamp supplied is pretty useless.

    4. The fence should be higher.

    That said, would I buy another? Absolutely.

    Hope that's helpful.

  5. flyingscotsman

    flyingscotsman New Member

    Cheers guys for taking the time. All seems fairly positive, apart from a few niggles, nothing to worry about. I was just wondering if the dewalt had improved any, doesn`t seem so, cheers again.
  6. parana

    parana New Member

    I have the gcm 10sd brilliant saw my only regret is i did not get the 12" version. dont think you can go far wrong with blue bosch personally + 3 yr warranty...


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