Bought recently extended bungalow with Completeion Certificate BUT>>>

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by IWANTBLUE, May 17, 2019.

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    This is a very good point. Be thankful you have a BC sign off. My experience is that often extensions and alterations are not "perfect" to the extent that they rigorously meet every minutiae of Building regs; the BC officers usually take an enlightened view of what is OK. If you try and overturn or legally question the sign-off who knows what wrigglies may emerge from the tin.
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    The only warranty you have is from the surveyor, but they have fairly obviously limited their liability with the statement about lack of access.
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    This is solid advice. You have a completion ticket.

    Why risk it. You know it needs more insulation. Sort that and everyones happy.

    Otherwise you open a huge money pit which only you will be chucking funds into.
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    I was involved in a project where builder left 50mm of celotex off extension. BC signed it off. Householder went radio rental when it became clear. Tried to use BC to pressure builder into reworking it

    Ending up having to pay another firm to put 50mm plus board over the top and replaster. Caused all kind of problems with windows and kitchen etc.

    Cost thousands and thousands and took months. Looks rubbish and had made zero difference and the signing off is the same as before

    IWANTBLUE New Member

    points all taken, my builder is lined up to complete the works.. but I don't consider myself "lucky" that it has sign off , quite simply wouldn't have purchased the bungalow without it, due to "wrongly" assuming (yes I know Iknow) that the completion certificate warranted that the work was completed to the correct regulations, and therefore gave some piece of mind...

    Its now not just the insulation... if the insulation wasn't checked/agreed/completed etc..etc..etc.. then what else could be 'wrong' not what you want to walk into with a new purchase. Then all of your assertions that it could open a can of worms, suggests that the certificate is not worth the paper it's written on if BC can retrospectively say, Oh No, I know you purchased the bungalow because we said it was built properly, but it isn't so you'll have to pay to put it right??

    To a certain extent its too late ref building control as I'm awaiting a call back from the service manager, but I can play that down by saying that I have the remedial works in hand, which I do,

    Yes indeed, however, I don't understand how BC can have no responsibility for their actions at all? Not that I'm intending pushing this as has been advised, points taken, but you constantly hear how BC have been obstructive and sticklers for the rules, preventing x y z etc.. (although I am well aware that many other examples of BC working with the builder in other circumstances ) so I'm quite frankly amazed, not that somethings slipped through the net, but that there is no apparent comeback, other than potentially revoking the Cert LOL..

    Thanks all , Builder is already lined up to complete to regulation level, thanks for the 'insight'
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    Typically when you buy a house it is recommended that you would get a third party surveryor to come in and do a full survey on the house. For a solicitor to allow you to buy the house without an independent survey is not good practice and Id be having a word with that firm first.

    In relation to recourse, sad to say you would have little to none. You could try and tackle the seller and suggest you were sold something under false pretenses. However that all fees going to a lawyer and no guarantee.

    The simple answer would be to go and buy the insulation like Knauf Earthwool or Isover Spacesaver and either jump up yourself and install it or get a contractor to do it for you. Its a simple enough job so a couple of hours should do it for you.
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    Nice post does make you wonder what the original owner knew. Not buying that bad experience with someone falling though the ceiling line :)

    Seems odd that the older bit was done properly and clumps left about. This suggests a job half done or fallout with owner which typically might be around downlighters or cable ratings under insulation. Maybe they ran out of firehoods or owner kicks them off site saying it's taking too long and he/she will finish it off themselves.

    Owner probably then thinks I'm selling anyway nobody is going to know and too tight to finish it off.

    Shame your survey didn't pick it up.
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