Bouncy floorboards on UFH

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by My Home Farm, Sep 8, 2019.

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    So, the people we purchased our house from, laid underfloor heating and then put oak floorboards on top.

    We have now seen that there are two or three areas where the floorboards have come up a bit and are bouncy when you walk on them. We spoke to the previous owners recently, and they said (quiet amazingly) that they didn't fully level the floor before laying the UFH and subsequent floorboards, which has now led to this latest issue.

    Is there a way (an easy way) to rectify this? We have no intention of pulling everything up as that would be a massive upheaval.
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    Well, at least you're all honest. Not the answer I was hoping for. :(
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    here you get the rough truth,unlike our elected politicians ;)

    diy installs will have a margin of error :(

    Hope when you purchased the property,the diy work was mentioned.
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    All we offer here is the truth, nothing more.

    Bodged work like this is a pain in the backside as to make it good means taking everything back to basics and redoing properly. Only you can decide whether to live with it, or redo it and great cost and time.

    Do you think its possible to lift the oak floor and reuse it?

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