Breakfast worktop against a wall fixing

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by bond007, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. bond007

    bond007 Member


    Want to add a small breakfast worktop against a solid wall in the kitchen.

    Around 850mm long and width of about 350mm

    Best way to secure it against a wall?

    I've bought some breakfast legs of 1100mm and Mount that under the worktop.

    Batten the wall and rest the worktop on there and L shape brackets in?

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  2. Mike58

    Mike58 Active Member

    That would work fine. However it depends on if they will be seen and you want the fixing hidden?

    Place a piece of 50x25 - nicely finished and painted on the underside of the worktop and join using hidden dowels. Leave them unglued to start.

    Fix the 50x25 to the wall, plug and finish holes. Place worktop on dowels and adjust with fine spacers if required.

    Glue dowels in place and a fine bead of silicon along the worktop to wall joint.
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  3. bond007

    bond007 Member

    Thanks... Any other way instead of the dowels please too?
  4. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    Stretcher plates between batten and work top, SF sell them, packs of ten, they won’t be seen unless you crawl under worktop

    Cut batten say 100mm shorter than worktop and finish each end with a 45 degree cut, fit centrally to worktop (so 50mm overhang each side)

    Again batten won’t be seen but if it is, looks better cut at 45 rather than a blunt end :)
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  5. malkie129

    malkie129 Well-Known Member

    When I fitted one, many years ago, I was fortunate as I was able to obtain a length of 40 x 40mm aluminium angle. I drilled & countersunk this in several places & used this to fix the work top to the wall. It worked very well.
  6. bond007

    bond007 Member

    2" x 1" not very think?
    might just put 3" x 2"
    more sturdy
  7. Mike58

    Mike58 Active Member

    Perfectly adequate with 47x22 ! I have a 1500 x 900 table where te 900 rests on a length of 47x22 screwed to the wall.
  8. bond007

    bond007 Member

  9. Mike58

    Mike58 Active Member

    I like the new Fischer DUO range and rfemember that with plugs, do not use "cutter" type screws.
  10. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    CLS Totally over the top for job in hand

    It’s a small breakfast bar and ur supporting front edge on legs and batten being fixed to solid wall - all good factors

    What are you planning on doing on this small breakfast bar ? Strip down your car engine perhaps ?

    Go bigger maybe ..... think floor joist size ...... at least 200x50mm to be safe :confused: (bigger also available)
  11. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Well-Known Member

    Not the first time you've been given really good advice which you then question. CLS is way over the top. 2x1 (in old money) is perfectly adequate. You also get more purchase in the wall with decent length screws. But hey.....
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  12. bond007

    bond007 Member

    Appreciate your advice and will take it on board... Go with the 2*1 and Batten it in.

    Will show you end results of teh renovation work before goes back out in rent..

    Was only thinking of bigger Batten for more strength that's all.
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  13. bond007

    bond007 Member

    Purchase in the wall? Not following that sorry.
  14. bond007

    bond007 Member

    Was only thinking of that as i need to make a frame else where with a Batten. So thought one peice would do for both jobs
  15. Severntrent

    Severntrent Active Member

    Basically its not the wood that's supports the work top its the screws that fix the wood to the wall that stops it collapsing, size of wood required is just what is workable with for fixing screws into. In theory you could just have 2 screws fixed into wall and work top balanced on that or a couple of angle brackets fixed to wall.

    Purchase into wall means depth/strength of fixing i.e. thing 1/2 inch long screws just going into plaster or 4 inch screws going all way through brickwork
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  16. bond007

    bond007 Member

    Which wall plugs do use for long screws please?
  17. Severntrent

    Severntrent Active Member

    Gauge / Metric equiv. / Masonry plug size
    4 / 3.0mm / Yellow(5mm hole)
    6 / 3.5mm / Red (6mm hole)
    8 / 4.0mm / Red (6mm hole) or Brown (7mm hole
    10 / 5.0mm / Brown (7mm hole)
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  18. bond007

    bond007 Member

    Don't mean to sound dumb but the long 4" inch screws won't fit these plugs will they?

    Or you drill the hole to length of the screw and push the plug to the end of it?
  19. Severntrent

    Severntrent Active Member

    Put 2 in and trim off excess if need be. 4" is a bit excessive 2.5" would suffice if its a simple plastered brick wall. If you want them that long you could always use window frame fixing anchors
  20. bond007

    bond007 Member

    Its a breeze block wall so 2.5" would be suffice as you say

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