Brexit. What are the benefits?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by chippie244, Mar 18, 2018.

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    By “the obvious” you mean linemen’s safety harnesses, right?

    I was too timid to investigate, but since you asked:

    Disappointingly boring.
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  3. chippie244

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    Sorry, I thought it was something you had been involved in.
    I used to know an old guy I worked with who started out in the leather trade before moving into being a London docker pre-containerisation, the stories he could tell.
  4. chippie244

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    That's DA at the moment :)
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    Ahh Markham Colliery. Pass that site on the M1 just north of here. Now a big industrial estate.
  6. chippie244

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    I hope they have good foundations :eek:
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    Because of a few Dutch trawlers (huge by all accounts. One catches the equivalent of 23% of the UK quota every year) That and the Spanish and French fishing fleets apparently need our fishing grounds (like there's none off the Spanish and French coasts)
  8. btiw2

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    Even if I don’t think it’s important (because, you know, statistics) I accept that some people do think it’s important.

    Brexit helps those people. It’s a benefit to them.

    Under the conditions of this thread - it counts. No argument.
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    As someone pointed out earlier, even though our fishing industry is small, they are often based in remote areas with little else in the way of industry. The loss to these local people has been immense.

    Under what our government have negotiated,(at present) it counts for absolutely nothing for these fishing communities. ;)
  10. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    OK, I think we need to try get back to the positives again.
    Will leaving the Common Agricultural Policy be a benefit?
    I really don't know, does anybody have some specific expertise or know of other things that leaving the EU will benefit from.
    I think that at some point a new thread will be started with the remainers posting what they like about being in the EU and then hopefully we can get back to ******** about what screw/cu/sealant/regulation is best again without it all being about brexit.
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    If only :(
  12. chippie244

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    Do you want to visit my cellar :p:p
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    If there is a big upsurge in fishing and with that a skills shortage, realistically speaking are there going to be the people ready to fill those jobs? Or indeed the infrastructure to cope.

    Running boats could be a good earner but working on those boats more than likely wouldnt be. There will be a big need for those ready to go to sea and work.

    For years and years there has been a real shortage of agricultural workers both skilled and unskilled and those jobs went unfilled.

    If the intention is to have a push in the fishing industry shouldnt that be precisely what efforts should be concentrated on now?

    Rebuilding infrastructure and transport links, investing in proper training for prospective workers. Getting communities properly ready?

    One priority surely should be reversing the utter decimation of the lifeboat service and search and rescue.

    Shouldnt there be a concerted effort now to identify what areas and skills need work done ready for when they are needed?

    And that doesnt just apply to fishing that applies to many areas of industry and business.
  14. btiw2

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    Somebody didn’t read chippie’s mission statement.

    This thread isn’t about problems - it’s about opportunities (including insurmountable opportunities).
  15. btiw2

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    Brexit will give us the opportunity to redesign how we use land in the U.K.

    Worst case, we subsidise it in a way similar to the CAP. That’s a third of the EU savings gone and we don’t get to fix anything. Oh, and we have to bring immigrants in to work the fields (surely nobody wants to waste our young people on that [except the n’er do wells - they can pick cabbages]). But we’re no worse off.

    Best case, we decide what we as a nation want out of agriculture and land use. We decide without huge European agricultural lobbies determining our policy. Less agri-pollution. More innovation. Less clinging to the fantasy of food-security. More young farmers. I don’t know, but I think we all feel it should be better than this.

    It’s a great opportunity. Bear in mind the tarrifs we talked about before. Food can become cheaper without our farming (and it doesn’t have to be chlorinated if we don’t want it to be).

    Unfortunately, change requires leadership. With Theresa Maybe-Maybe-Not at the helm and a moron in charge of rural affairs I suspect we’ll be stuck with the worst case status-quo.

    But the chance to fix it has to be a benefit.
  16. goldenboy

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    I did read it. This is a discussion about possible upsides to Brexit

    It is possible that fishing will increase upon leaving

    If fishing resurgence is to be a benefit of leaving isnt it right that steps are taken to make sure we can hit the ground (or sea) running?

    Get coastal communities ready, get the roads improved to ports, get canning factories and fish production plants ready. Get deals signed to supply product now.

    If benefits are to occur they are not just going to magically appear. There needs to be hard work and prep.
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    That would have been great in Broon’s planning thread. But I think Broon is trying to forget he ever started that thread. It’s too painful a memory.

    I’m sure capital will automatically flow to the opportunities. It’s what capital is good at.

    As long as I don’t have to work on a trawler or can fish, I’m happy (actually, I’m not, but let’s not waste time pretending to care about my problems eh?).
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  18. goldenboy

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    Capital will flow. But it is important to isolated communities that they dont just end up wage slaves to some city boy with his feet up cashing in on them losing lives out at sea.

    So now is the time for those communities to get themselves ready. But they will need help to do it.
  19. btiw2

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    Steady on. We voted for Brexit (well, we didn’t but you know what I mean) not laissez-fairexit. Capitalism is still a thing.

    If the communities need to scale then they’ll need money, resources, capital to make it happen. We may not like the city boys, but you need their gold to make a golden age.

    Anyway. Let’s concentrate on the benefits/opportunities and, if we can agree what they are (spoiler: we won’t), wander back to Broon’s thread for planning how it can work.

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