BREXIT, Who Is Laughing Now?

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    Support British industry and manufacturing by buying British produce and it will be cheaper this could be a new age for Britain to stop being reliant on service sector and imports and create huge job growth in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, we're leaving the EU no single market get over it and stop calling everyone stupid and racist and start thinking of how it can work
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    I voted to remain because I did not think coming out could work after 45 years. You voted to come out so it is up to you to find out how it can work. :)
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    Nearly everything we buy is made in China.
    European, Chinese and American companies own nearly everything.
    We might lose half the car and banking industries. Just what was the point?

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    We might we might not it's blind speculation, and yes were happy to buy discounted Chinese products made by people who have appalling workers rights yet the remoaners keep banging on about British workers rights, pure hypocrisy, and also shows the global inequality and how the EU is profiteering from the impoverished
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    Well that sort of defetest attitude will be of great use no wonder you want people in the EU to make decisions for you as you seem completely clueless
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    I'm sorry mate but I disagree.

    We're not a manufacturing economy though. We're a provider and exporter of services. If we lose the passport we will lose jobs, investment and tax receipts. Like them or loathe them but the banking industry contributes over a third of our total tax receipts. That's an awfully big hole that won't be filled.

    If you look at it properly - yes - admittedly we contribute more in payments than we receive back in contributions. But if you factor into income tax paid by economic migrants working here, corporation tax paid by UK businesses benefitting from a tariff free single market, more jobs etc we benefit a lot more than the amount of our contributions! If you also factor in the costs of negotiating trade deals etc we will be way more worse off.

    If you know anything about EU law you will know that only 'regulations' and not 'directives' are rules that we have to abide by. Regulations make up only a tiny % of the laws passed by the EU and we have the option of interpreting directives as we see fit (by parliament with royal assent hence why we're still sovereign). I challenge you to name a 'regulation' that doesn't benefit the ordinary person. if you have to google it then you have to ask yourself why you thought you were knowledgable enough in the first place to vote leave.

    I guarantee that we will 'leave' the EU in all but name. Bookmark this and I will flag it up again in a couple of years when it's all finalised. A deal will be done to curb migration by a nominal amount so all the silly Sun readers that believe everything the Daily Mail writes like idiots can cheer but we will retain access to the single market, only without a seat at the table when it comes to making laws. A worse position!
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    If more people bought goods because the goods are British then demand for those goods would be higher, making them more expensive. Not cheaper. Especially when British manufacturers have the option to sell their goods for precious dollars instead of devalued pounds.

    Britain is resource poor. We can either add value through manufacturing to (now) more expensive foreign resources or add value via services.

    Most readers of this forum are in the service sector too. If my wall has fallen down, then people in this forum add value to me by building it again. There's nothing inherently wrong with a service sector.

    Banks lend money. The only manufacturing alternative to that is forgery. Banks add value to economies too.

    There doesn't seem to be any plan here beyond:
    1. Vote Brexit
    3. Profit!

    Yes, we are. I'll get over it when the people who voted for Brexit apologize for denting the British economy and promise not to do it again.

    I wasn't aware that I had.

    I'm still thinking, but this one is beyond me. I could conjure up some fantasy about how Britain will transform its economy, but I can't see how to make it happen within (maybe) a decade.

    It turns out that the markets can't see how we'll do it either, hence the dramatic fall in the pound before we've even left.

    Maybe we'll invoke A50, quickly come up with a good plan, the uncertainty will disappear and the pound will recover.

    I hope so, but that's all I have, hope. We'll know by this time next year.

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    Investment banks are shorting our currency and hoping to make a quick profit the markets are a big game preying on uncertainty and speculation, there was a computer error that caused the pound to fall, either way at least we're not in the euro a doomed currency.

    A good plan is to have a good negotiations and that means not telling the opposing parties what your willing to settle on. This is not fantisy it will become apparent that in a couple of years if Mrs May can stand strong this country will realise what a great decision the people Made.
  10. Rystar and btiw, thank you. Really, thank you.

    For trying.

    But you've got to realise this is Scott you are trying to reason with.

    I'm not being flippant - I just as easily could be, but I'm not - but he is beyond reason.

    There does not exist a reasoned rational argument that he will listen to.

    Ditto the Phils, the Has and a few others.

    Our country has changed in its very soul. And not for the better.
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    Too early to start worrying about being out.
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    Well said my new Buddy :D
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    Wrong.... again.

    There was no computer error that caused sterling to fall. Where do you get this nonsense? The Daily Mail?

    The uncertainty and speculation has been caused by the decision to vote leave. Shame really as our economy was recovering well and positioned to grow, creating jobs and prosperity for the little people like you and me. Now my job isn't safe, people will be poorer and the many SERVICE offering people like the tradesmen will suffer.

    Plan is to have 'good' negotiations? You do know that once Art 50 is invoked we have 2 years to negotiate at the end of which there is no guarantee of a deal right? That's the same as voting to jump off a bridge blindfolded and hoping that there's an airbag at the bottom!
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    By the way.....

    Thankfully the MP's aren't as ill-informed as some of the Daily Mail readers that unquestioningly lap up the cr*p that Rupert Murdoch spits out so there is still hope!
  15. If you get your facts straight you will find Rupert Murdoch has nothing to do with the Daily Mail.
    The Daily Mail is owned by Viscount Rothemere via DMG Publishing.
  16. Yawn.

    You really think you scored a point there, don't you? (Round of sarcy applause)

    Mail, Sun, Express et al - all very right wing, virtually neo-fascist.

    Enjoy the company you keep.

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    If I read the mail you must be a gardian reader!! Do you not think people will prey on just this sort of opportunity to create vast amounts of weath in the currency trading market just as unilever tried to exploit the situation when they tried to increase profit margins on there products?
  18. Just pointing out factual errors in the post, for anyone who may have believed misleading information.
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    Personally I stay try to avoid mainstream media, but we may no longer get a choice since the RUssia today's banks have been frozen seem ms a bit suspect?


    Oh my.

    (wipes tears from eyes...)

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