BREXIT, Who Is Laughing Now?

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    Are you saying nearly all other countries in the world are fascist because the don't have free movement of prople but there own tailored immigration policy to benefit there culture/economy??
  2. Ok, Scott - let's assume you are very bright. Much brighter than the average Brit.

    What we are now left with is a person who is wilfully and intentionally dishonest with his pernicious postings.

    Frankly, I'd like you better if you were chust stupid.

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    What are you on about yes that's what part of parliament I ment so ministers of parliament or MP's who hold seats on parliment or are elected into parliment, Westminster the House of Commons. If I had ment people in the cabinet or House of Lords I would have said that!!!!

    What I did ask tho is how you can justify the credibility of our democratic system and you have fail again to even mention it so I'll presume you can't

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    How in any way have I been dishonest, I have just offered topics to debate that you decline on answering and then continue to mud sling
  5. No, I asked , what is fascism, and do you agree with it?

    My knowledge is limited on this subject, hows that?

  6. He hasnt proven it in fairness.

    You did that all by yourself :).

    Actually i am sorry i am posting this, but i couldnt help myself

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    Knowledge of what seats in parliment and MP's? Please enlighten me

    Of course I'm not in favour of fascism, but we do not live in a totalitarian, non opposition state!!!
    well no really as broth of you have been able to directly answer any of the questions I've asked you just completely avoided them

  8. I am trying to answer you, but i need to be sure what you mean first.

    I am trying to work out if you support proportianal representation or not.

    And im not sure about your reply about fascism too

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    Are you unable to read as I've already posted my views

    And please tell me on how you think seats in parliment and MP's differ?
  10. Simply, by the job (s) that parliament does, or, do you mean just the house of commons?

  11. But you voted for the far right view and ideals ?

    It still amazes me how many working class people support such far right ideals, that will impact so heavily in the not too distant future

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    Look it's not difficault members of parliment reprisented constituents that's what my post was referring to now just answer the question about if you think it's democratic then we can put it to bed

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    Who said I was working class? Another assumption also how is voting to leave the EU a fascist choice absolute bigotry on your behalf

  14. When you reply about how mep's are elected, you will know my answer

  15. Too different statements in 1 post if you re read it.

    I said, you voted for the far right ideals

    I also said im amazed how many working class voted for such ideals too.

    My opinion of you has changed now i know you are not working class too, sorry

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    What? That has absolute nothing to do with either the judgement on brexit on Thursday as MePs will not have any influence, or my post on proportionate reprisentation is your trying to imply that ukip members are representing the public in the European parliment the that's a joke as if you haven't noticed we're leaving

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    Oh just to add I didn not say I wasn't I just asked how you knew I was working class or just generalising again
  18. Ok

    Quite simply.

    YOu have voted against a system you believe in, and voted for a system you dont believe in.

    How ironic
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    I'm dropping out lads. We've had very sad news this morning. My wife's youngest lad (age 34) was found dead. Suffered from diabetes and didn't control it too well. PM will be either Mon or Tues when we'll find out the cause of death. So with respect I'll take no further part in this thread.. Kind Regards JJ
  20. Happy to oblige, Scott.

    You've chust said (amongst other things) that "..the vast majority (of 'these people') have destroyed there (sic) identity documents..."

    I suspect very strongly that's a pile of pish. Why? Because it's counter-productive - they will be sent to the back of the queue, and will clearly be treated with more suspicion. I suspect that the vast majority of attempted asylum seekers are desperately trying to prove they are who they actually are, so that they can as quickly as possible get safe haven.

    So I think you've been either misled by scurrilous peeps (shame on you) or else are being quite deliberately dishonest (double shame).

    Unless you can show that what you claim is true.

    Which is what I would like you to do before posting your carp.

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