BREXIT, Who Is Laughing Now?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by palavaman, Oct 18, 2016.


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    You seem to be misguided, how is calling someone a **** for being one is self important, Your entire persona is of being more moral, of higher intelligence, generally just more qualified to answer questions on here, Infact the whole thing is a charade your a fraud who's arguments have little or no substance and when you don't get the answers you hope for you calm everyone nazis and Racists.

    How more self important can you get by trying to belittle them and tell you to "go away" your pathetic and the only poison here has come from you, yiu sad little keyboard warrior
  2. Lol :)

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    Humanity? He's shown himself to be a C**t on many occasions "how much blood have you spilt" was one quote that springs to mind" very humane!!! Bunch of hypocritical neoliberal scum
  4. "Neoliberal scum"!

    Why, thank you.

    We all knew all along what you are, but thanks for confirming it.

    But, as you'll appreciate, I am far too polite to resort to such silly name-calling.

    Oh, sod it - FASCIST! :D:p:D
  5. PaulBlackpool

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    I was going to say something but words fail me.:rolleyes:
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    Think you've said enough Paul cheers
  7. There is nothing anyone here can do to make the likes of Phil and Scott and Harry openly accept what they 'are'.

    I am happy just to keep on exposing them, so there is no chance they can keep thinking 'fnurrrr - I'm getting away with this!'.

    Of course, when I say that I expose them, what I really mean is they expose themselves (ooh-err missus).

  8. But he his not a fascist. He said he isnt. :)

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    At least I answered your question you couldn't even manage one of mine and to top it all of you even proved you don't even know anything about the British political system when accusing me the same!!

    Your probably DA with a different profile anyway no one else could possibly be that deluded

  10. Please explain the british political system to me then, explaining what parliament is. Keep it simple for me please. Oh, and to clarify, i mean Parliament, not the house of commons.

    And you are able to deduce that me and DA are the same person. That shows the superior levels of thought involved.

    And I really really do mean that last sentence.

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    U believe in failed a utopian fairytale and have so much hate inside that you just can't Handle people who use lodic and reason in there debates you can expose that all you want
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  12. And this hate shows itself by my hatred of foreigners and their threat, generally?

    And what is this utopian fairytale i am after? what are my politics in your assumption?

    I believe in live and let live, do you ?
  13. Ive mentioned it before.

    You like the method of representation in europe but voted against it.

    You dont like the method of representation in uk, but you voted for it?

    You support brexit because of the right wing ideals espoused by the right wing controllers that has been voiced by the famous mouthpieces, Farage, johnson etc etc.

    And your reasoning, a slogan on a bus and the right to take back our borders. Now, you have me there, I didn't even know we had lost them

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    How can you assume I HATE foreigners? I have never said that I have only said we need to control immigration in a way all other countries in the world do that don't have a free movement deal, that cannot be classed as hatered and if you think otherwise please reference words I have stated to prove your arguement I will take it you won't be able to as you've not been able to answer a single question yet.

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    Did you have a vote on the EU president?

    The I didn't care for the bus much but more for anti globalisation and corruption the epitomises the EU

  16. I never said you hated foreigners.

    You accused me of me being full of hate, I asked if it showed, because of MY hatred of foreigners.

    Or am I totally confused. 1 of us is ?

  17. Did you have a vote for our Prime Minister?

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    I voted in the general election and the Conservative party won, the then leader stepped down and a new party leader was elected a little more democratic than a vote by MEPs in a secret ballot where only one candidate was offered
  19. Controlling immigration

    By leaving the eu, assuming we dont end up with a free trade deal, will, most likely, reduce the flow of european immigrants, as it will, that of those in Britain that want to work in europe.

    Now explain how it will stop the non european immigration and the illegal immigration? The illegal immigration is really what needs to be controlled better?

  20. Ok, let me explain the differences.

    IN britain you voted for an Mp, who voted for the party leader.

    In europe you voted for an mep, who voted for a president.

    Yes, different, i agree
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