BREXIT, Who Is Laughing Now?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by palavaman, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Apology accepted :)

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    that was not what you ment it was a rhetorical question aimed at me for effect and we both know what you were implying so don't take me for a fool

  3. No!

    In writing, pure and simple, you ACCUSED ME of hate !
  4. longboat

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    Judging solely on the time that chips posted the comment, I would hazard a guess that he'd had a few.
    A thought in his head ended up being typed, and I reckon he probably hesitated for a while before thinking 'ah sod it', and hit the post reply button.

    Pished or not, it wasn't very nice, inexcusable in fact, and I hope he realises that.
    But, da, I've got too agree with Scot on this, you could have just kept quiet for once instead of blaming others for chip's comment.
    Your head should be hanging ever lower than his, as you've clearly thought about what ya were doing. :-(

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    Because the boarder is much easier to police if there is a process for everyone to follow look at figures of illegal immigration pre 1992 and free movement
    indeed but with only one choice so what's the point, also I see former president Mr Barroso enjoying life at his former puppet masters Goldman Sachs whist still receiving payment from EU electorates money how you can defend this corrupt establishment is beyond me

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    Your question was loaded and your not fooling anyone idiot

  7. And this "new" border is to be policed how?

    I believe there were 6 candidates for the presidential elections? want me to name them?

  8. So i am full of hate

    And im an idiot?

    And the brexiteers avoid personal insults?

    The idiot, is the person who researched the eu vote implications after the result. or voted without knowing what he voted for.

    Isn't he ?

  9. Let me clarify.

    I have never, repeat never, accused you of hate.

    Lack of thoughts, most definitely, not hate.

    Read my comments how you like

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    The idiot (and religious people) are people that won't except others views and avoids all questions that may be opposite of what they may think, also uses generalisations and presumptions and desires to base there beliefs as facts

  11. I dont understand the religious comment, I dont see its relevance and i dont condone the mention, or the need to mention the word idiot.

    Other than that I concur.

    You have missed all the salient points, right from the beginning of the thread.

    Good job that big red bus came past when you decided to choose how to vote
  12. How many times have you exposed your comments as being baseless or wrong ?

    I am not bothering to count either.

    Misguided is 1 thing. Affecting my families future based on such little understanding is........ you can choose the word yourself

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    when? I've just asked questions or Invited you to respond but you have failed many times to respond at all, or if you have its been incoherent jibberish unrelated and trying to avoid answering and it's not just me that's has seen through your nonsense
  14. longboat

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    Illegal immigration certainly does need to be controlled better, but the main problem is the free movement policy. We're not dealing with like for like countries here, some of the newer EU member states have an average wage that's 4 or 5 times lower than in Britain.

    It's absurd, how can you expect gangs of workers who travel over here with the intention of undercutting nominal British wages to go unnoticed?
    The 'working class' have noticed alright.
    I'm not hostile towards them in any way, (before you go down that, road), I don't blame them at all, I'd probably do the same with the opportunity.
    Non-eu immigration is controlled, and only those who are needed are allowed entry, and so it should be.

    Now, as for the illegals, some people will always try and better their prospects in life, no stopping it, but it's the risk they take, come here illegally and you run the risk of being caught, and subsequently deported.

  15. Im not going down that road of hatred by you. you havent lowered yourself to insulting me, i treat people as they treat me. You may have noticed who accused who of hatred and used the word, idiot, however...

    I dont see the problem quite the same as you though. But i do think that you present a better argument.

    First and foremost illegal immigration is wrong, and its a problem. In my opinion, the biggest problem of immigration.

    Now, lets assume you are France, and you have a big problem of a lot of people that want to get to Britain. And we are not in europe ( the future), are you going to spend time, money and other resources on stopping (helping to stop) them getting here? or are you going to turn a blind eye, or at worst, assist them?

    Or do you think our borders will be safer because we (alone) will be manning them. Just remind yourself how many immigration officials and staff numbers have been cut, not increased!

    Now onto european immigrants. The issue is the type of jobs, and the reward of such, (cost of living, not specifically an amount). People such as weatherspoon boss who say he cant afford to pay the living wage, want this low levelof reward. so there will always be a demand of people looking for this low levelmof pay compared to their own original country. The cure is difficult, but it needs better workers rights, and better reward, than those that the far right want. Yes, really.
  16. Phil the Paver

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    This might ensure France doesn't.
  17. Phil the Paver

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    I just have to say, " you are a complete ****"
    Using what is a totally unnecessary comment and some how turning it into a self imposing I am all important excuse to have a go at me for being upset by it.

    One of my favourite saying is
    "Some people are simply alive because its illegal to shoot them"
    You are one of them.

  18. And part of the terms of extracting from europe, covers laws, and papers such as this. A very complicated affair.

    ANd I quote from that 1

    This Command Paper was laid before Parliament by a Government Minister by Command of Her Majesty. Command Papers are considered by the Government to be of interest to Parliament but are not required to be presented by legislation.
  19. Im making no comment directly, just indirectly.

    No comment about Scot's insults to me? Or is that ok because he has a similar viewpoint to you ?

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