BREXIT, Who Is Laughing Now?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by palavaman, Oct 18, 2016.

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    Sorry to hear your sad new John,please accept my sincere condolences,You are right to drop out,family has to come first,hope you and your family will be ok.Best wishes,Phil

  2. I think you should report the thread. I dont need to "like" the thread to support you.

    I simply refer you and others to, specifically, post numbers

    487, 805, 831, 846 and 867.

    Healthy debate is a sign of a free person. Insults, rarely are
  3. And for those who think we will "regain" our borders. Don't forget we are still in charge of our borders.

    However, think on the implications of this?

    (17) And stronger border controls

    “There is one absolutely clear-cut dividend from leaving the EU. That is our ability to regain control of our borders, including far stronger powers over who we can deport, and proper preventative checks at the border.” – Dominic Raab

    (18) But no controls on the Northern Irish land border with the EU

    “There will be no change to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.” – Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and Gisela Stuart
  4. Ok, you dont think brexit campaign was based on right wing ideals. You are welcome to those beliefs. We are in a free society.

    But, what still amazes and annoys me, is (a) denying its a right wing agenda, and (b), that so many "anti" right wing people voted for such beliefs.

    Do not take that as a direct comment against you personally. It's not meant to be, its my observations generally.

    The fact that many working class people have voted for such ideals, suggests to me that many (doesnt mean anybody in particular), voted for headlines rather than the full story.

    The eu isn't perfect, not by a long way. But, it does have benefits as well as disadvantages. Until all the facts are examined, and the likely results of such explored it is presumably a case of voting on headlines, as indeed most elections are. It's the reason smart talkers make the headlines ( think farage and corbyn as good examples, of oposite sides).

    Do I need to list the pro brexiteers to show how right wing, and their beliefs are? I don't think I need to you, you do seem better informed and more logical than the average brexit voter.

    So, answer simply, why was the average working man, persuaded to vote for such right wing ideals?

    I do make the point, that this is a question directly to longboat. The others on his "side" (excepting jj who has more than his fair share if real problems to face) are no longer recognised because of their actions.
  5. A perfect example of false-indignation.

    Mr Ha used the 'respect' word.

    Second only to Wry, Mr Ha is the person on here who has not a single regard for that concept.
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    Does anybody know what happened to Ryleur aka Wry?
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    It appears that JJ's step son has died for which I offer my sincere condolences.
    I had no idea because I have blocked getting posts from certain members.
    If I have unintentionally upset JJ then I apologise unconditionally.
    It might be time to put this post to bed.
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    As an ironic touch my father died at 8:30 am this morning.
    He was 91, had dementia, and died peacefully so it was a blessing.
    I'm not looking for sympathy, empathy or forgiveness, I just thought I would mention it. :)
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    Sorry to hear that chippie.
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    Condolences Chippie, a terrible disease indeed.
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    If you had no idea johns stepson had died why did you post "if its true" ?
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    I think it is just better to leave this now.
    Sorry for your loss Chippie.
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    Just asking how he answered a post he couldn't see ? after all on an anonymous fourum you can post if it's true to any thing :)
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    Probably because he was pished, and thought it was clever.
    It wasn't, but it's done and he's apologised. If some were offended by it, well, that's up to them.
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    I can't exactly remember what I saw or why I posted what I did but it would have been to someones response to what JJ had posted and no doubt drink had been taken and I made a mistake. I've taken responsibility for my mistake.
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    RIP. My thoughts are with you

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