BREXIT, Who Is Laughing Now?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by palavaman, Oct 18, 2016.

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    Well in my opinion Hilary Benn was a good choice to head the Brexit Committee.
    I hope all this "hard brexit " is just initial posturing. Surely the Government will not be stupid enough to decimate the bankers in the City of London, however much they deserve it, as they provide so much money for the Treasury.
  2. Yes, a very good choice - what a relief.

    And you are surely correct over the ultimate hardness of the Brexit too.

    You only have to ask yourself: what would the situation be like right now if Art 50 had been triggered right away, immediately after the result, as many of the hard-liners had wanted?

    Just take a moment to imagine the carnage.

    No, you are nowhere near imagining how bad it would be - take a moment longer, folks.

    And, of course, a huge number of those who voted Leave were expecting an instant 'Out' too, because they simply had no concept of what is involved, and what the result would be.

    It is utterly tragic that many, most?, probably the vast majority really thought this was a 'simple thing' like handing back the keys and walking away to a brighter future. As Farage, Redwood and Gove effectively suggested it was; "We'll leave! Chust stop paying the club subscription! We'll be awesome on our own! The EU would be FOOLISH to try and punish us!"

    The single biggest change to our constitution - a massive backwards step in our county's evolution - was based almost solely on staggering ignorance. And Leavers consider this to be a cracking case of democracy in action.

    It is weepingly farcical.
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  3. Lanc

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    Ever since his 'Tory' speech in the Commons in support of bombing in Syria, I have lost any respect I had for the man. Why is he not sitting with the Tories in the House?
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    But as soon as they try and make an 'exception' for London City, then it's Pandora's box time, other Cities, Scotland, NI, etc will all want 'special' deals. As DA says, "poisoned chalice".
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    London as a whole, not just the financial sector, apparently provides almost a third of the UK tax take.

    We are one of the main export markets for German cars.

    At the end of the day , we will be out of the EU but great financial interests will not allow a "hard Brexit" which could IMHO damage the UK's economy so much that NHS would have to be completely privatised and replaced by an insurance based system or the State Pension could become means tested. so that the benefit of small private pensions would be negated or some other right wing draconian measure. This right wing Tory Government would not bat an eyelid doing either. Whatever May says ( and like what Thatcher said on her appointment as PM) words come easy.
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    In answer to the OP's question I suspect Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-il
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  7. I think it's unfair to tarnish the guy on one policy vote? In any case, was not intervening in Syria - eg enforcing a no-fly zone - a good move?

    Was a good move for Obama too - after saying that chemical weapons was the line in the sand?

    We're running scared of the Iraq situation. But they are not necessarily comparable.

    Anyhoo, I don't really know the extent of Benn's mettle, but he was the better choice for this position over the other front runner - a Brexiter...
  8. Privatise the NHS?! NOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm sure the current gov wouldn't entertain that for a second.

    Chust let me check - Johnson, what do you say? Uh-huh. Ok, Gove, what about you?! Hey, Mr Redwood - wat's you sayin', man? Right, I get it. Let me chust check with IDS.

    Hmmmm, you're right, Paul - we're stuffed...
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    And jobs to ex MPs
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  11. Yep, brilliant.

    You can't see the difference?


    (I'm happy to spell it out for you if you like.)
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    I see he was the former "Greek Finance Minister" (and has the cheek to say the Brexit department is staffed by people of low IQ). :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    That would be marvellous, please do.
  14. Okay... :rolleyes:

    Many/most Leavers were misled by scurrilous claims made by the Brexiteers. It wasn't their fault, really, is what he's saying. They were just ill-informed and not prepared to examine the claims in depth. Or use their critical facilities.

    They were simply naively misled by a bunch of lying manipulators.

    Therefore, Yanis doesn't think it fair that they are demonised for the mess Britain is descending in to.

    Very kind of him, I think. (As you know, I'm not so generous. But that's because some still try and insist they have a valid point...)

    At the same time, Yanis recognises that the dismaying bunch in charge of our negotiations are not only being deliberately devious and manipulative - 'we don't want to reveal our hand', 'we don't think Parliament should have a say', 'it's all going to be bludy great...' - but are probably not appraoching being up to the task in hand.



    So there is no contradiction in his critique of the two camps.

    You're welcome.
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    So if you believe 'Yanis', that they have inferior intelligence compared too others in top government positions....? Why are they 'in' the cabinet in the first place? Is it (in your mind) a smoke screen, a plot too scupper any serious intentions?' concerning leaving the cartel?

    You may believe the 'zip wire' image you've been given by the media, the bumbling toffs caricature, that's shame on you IMHO, these people ain't daft, they just happen too disagree with your fluffy, nicer than nice opinion about the, EU.
    Resorting to 'IQ' deficiency is a cheap shot, and you know it!
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    On a percentage scale, how many people who voted remain did so based on the fear of loosing their jobs, and being condemned to a life filled with despair and poverty, as was prophesied by the remain camp?
    Be honest now..

    As a starter, I'd say about 25%.
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    What, in your opinion, are these deceiving, manipulative snake oil salesmen hoping to achieve with their treacherous assault on the ignorant masses?
    Ah, yes they had hopes on becoming PM, you Sai it would happen.....
    But it didn't.
  18. Come on, Longs!

    I know they are hardly stupid, and - yes - it was designed as an insult as anything else.

    Unlike most of the population, you know what I think of MPs in general - they are mostly doing their best. Mostly there for the right reason. Mostly a LOT more bright than you and me.

    But - that lot are not behaving as bright as they could be. And I have it on good authority than T May herself is not as clever as she, herself, might think.

    Back to Yanis - yes, it was an insult hurled at that group. You only have to see them together to see it's pretty well justified.

    Boris? You should know by now what I think of the guy. You should know that I recognise he is very bright. But completely without politics ethics.

    You know he was/is a Europhile. You know he was a Remainer in heart. You know he made a video promoting Turkey's joining of the EU. You know he then claimed - when challenged on that - that he only meant "Turkey should join - after the UK leaves"! You know he promoted the idea of mass immigration from Turkey as a cause for concern and used it as a pernicious tool to help the Leave campaign. You know he then went to Turkey as FS and said he'd help them join.

    Armed with that, I don't mind at all what the likes of Yanis calls him. If Boris wants to act like a shifty buffoon, then it's fair game if he's called that stuff. Yanis could have called him a lot worse - and with reason.

    What have that lot of multi-millionaires got to gain from there Brexit stance? You don't really have to ask that, do you? Lots of things, depending on who it is - simple power (Boris), recognition (Davies), a harking back to an idealistic Britain (Fox), a far-right UK, low-tax economy with privatised services (Banks, Redwood, Hamilton) etc etc.

    What they don't give a DAMN about is me, you, and the people who voted for them.

    You're welcome.
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  19. PaulBlackpool

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    I am stating the obvious but not all Tories are as Right Wing as this lot. I like Ken Clark and his type. I hope with this lot in power there will be a shift to the Liberal Democrats. Witney was an eye opener :-

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