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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by robbie, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. robbie

    robbie Guest

    i have a single walled garage and i have a freezer and a tumble dryer (condenser type ?)
    i have loads of condensation running down one wall. can someone recommend a electric ventilation fan for the outside wall please.
  2. Fat Tony

    Fat Tony New Member

    All condenser tumble driers give off lots of steam. No fan will cope very well. Can you fit a vent to the drier? If not bin it and get a proper tumble drier.
  3. Cough.

    A condenser drier is the type that condenses the water vapour so you don't get 'steam' coming from it...

    Anyways, Robbie, can't you just crack open a window? Condensation is caused either by an excess of water moisture - but you already have a condensing drier, so it's not from that - or a lack of heat/ventilation. If you can get a gentle flow of air over that wall, I bet your problems will be solved. Do you really want a fan?

    (Detailed enough for ya, Tone? )
  4. robbie

    robbie Guest

      dont have a window and not sure the dryer is working properly coz it has a little trickle of water from under the water collector (not from the collector overfilling).
    gonna go see if i can get a decent vented dryer and stick the vent pipe through the wall.
  5. If it's the drier wot's causing the condensation, then your solution is the best answer. They are cheaper to buy too. And to run...

    While you have your core drill out, it might be worth drilling an extra hole for vents too - one a couple of inches above floor level near the worst of the condensation, and another high up. Fit vent grills with adjustable flaps so's you can control/shut off the flow if needed.

    BAPSMAN New Member

    Might be worth looking at the brickwork too.. Single skin wall and all this rain were having?  Them brick get porous!   A proprietory brick sealer on the outside of the brickwork would probably help too.
    Got t agree with D.A. though... Ventilation is key. You can either have *forced air*  ( Fan ) ventilation or just simple trickle vents as  described.  I would personally fit a small (100MM) fan with a humidity sensor on it at one end and a small vent on the other ( to allow proper through ventilation).  The little fans virtually run on fresh air and will prevent the freezer and your new tumbler ( plus any other  metal objects) from going rusty in your garage. 
  7. Lady Luck

    Lady Luck New Member

    Devil. all condenser dries leak steam. they jsut are not supposed to. I would never have one in my abode.
  8. robbie

    robbie Guest

    went and got an ordinary vented tumble dryer, seems dryer after only 2 days.

    cut half a brick out and put the vent pipe through that with a protector on the outside (keeps rainwater out of the pipe ?)
    will see how that goes as to whether i need other vents.

    thanks for your advice.

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