Brickbond Tiling around window in Bathroom

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Cadishead67, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. Cadishead67

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    I want to do a brick bond of 40 cm x 25 cm tiles in Bathroom. Trouble is, if I set out on the window wall, around the window (tiles centered around window) I get a slither on the left hand side. If I set out in the centre of the window wall, I get reasonable cuts all over but obviously the tiles aren't centered around the window.

    What would people do in this situation?

  2. nigel willson

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    Basically you need to do what looks best , your house or customer? If the latter shouldn’t you already know this?
  3. Cadishead67

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    My house. I have tiled a brick bond before with metro tiles but that was a bath splashback. This time I am tiling the full room so I want to make sure that I set out correctly. I am starting on the window wall and then will carry the pattern onto the other walls. The best situation currently is when I set out from the dead centre of the room. The wall edges are good but like I say, it's off set slightly round the window.
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    What does SWMBO say? Give her the options and get on with it.
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