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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by d34noafc, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. d34noafc

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    Alright lads - Need pointing toward a decent source. I'm 32 and been putting off training as a bricky for a long time now, I've been labouring for years for a builder and he always knocks back brick work or finds a subby too do a bit fiddle work. I've put it off due to age and spending 3/4 years at college with no wage whilst looking after my family & home. I here a lot of ppl say it's too late or whatever but I'll be taking that risk regardless as the work is there with a local bricklayer so the opportunity to learn properly is there. My question is there's so many bogus training schemes I'm stuck on which one could be worth a punt in regards to quality tutors etc I know college is and was the main route when I left school but I'm looking for something maybe over a year or less (I could maybe just survive financially). I've come across able skills among others online but would like to hear from some of the lads with experience or any help really. Cheers . Dean
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    I'm not a bricky Dean, but my cousin changed trades at a similar age to yourself. He worked as a labourer for a while and grafted his *** off to prove he wanted it, went to night school and kept pestering his boss to get on the trowel. The first job outside the site work was a porch for my grandad, then a small extension for my sister, all in his spare time whilst working with his gang. From there, he slowly began to build his reputation and set up his own company, till he's pretty much first call for a very good local architect and has done many 200k extensions etc as well as spending many years on site.
    Slightly simplified version of events, but if you're determined, then you'll be OK. Go the extra mile, forget about brick laywrs money for a while, and keep pestering experienced guys till you get the opening you need. A lot of site brickys run the line in to start with, but when you can build corners etc, you're more than half way there. It takes time...depends how bad you want it. The money will come :)
  3. d34noafc

    d34noafc New Member

    Thankyou ANYONE else ?
  4. J&S Brickwork

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    Hi dean
    I'm a brickie with 35 + years experience.
    I think your best route is to try and get working with a proper bricklayer 1&1 gang.
    Then when you get chance try and get on the trowel some times , start by running in,
    Jointing up and always get involved with the measurements and setting out.
    I've had 2 lads over the years start like that.
    John brickie
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    hi dean im 34 17 years experience your never to old buddy what i would do is what john said try get in a squad thats willing to let you learn while workings thats what i done with one of my boys and came on leaps and bounds you always learn more when your on the trowel and it does come

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