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  1. Hi Mate

    Top of Darwin Avenue is Buxton Primary School. Wen there from the age of 6 until 11.

    Turn left and head over to the Market Place. When you see the Town Hall there is a pub just to the left, the Kings Head. They used to do goofd food thee.

    What are your interests and I can try and give you a few places to visit?
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    Like walking and historical things, architecture and scenery whilst we are away.
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    Country pubs etc.
  4. There is plenty of that in the area.

    The Old Hall Hotel dates well back. Mary Queen Of Scots stayed there and had treatment for her arthritis. Her signature used to be on display in a glass cabinet. https://www.visitbuxton.co.uk/old-hall-hotel/

    If it's open, Pooles Cavern is a cave that a local hermit occupied. Has a great collection of stalagmites and stactites. https://poolescavern.co.uk/

    A few miles away, you have Chatsworth House, the Duke of Devonshires place https://www.chatsworth.org/visit-ch...EeQ2xzgPQ3iNgd4RpLH9fCjVpapEpKUwaAkwqEALw_wcB

    There is also Bakewell, the home of Bakewell tarts. But you also need to try a Bakewell Pudding. A little like a custart tart. https://www.visitpeakdistrict.com/locations/bakewell

    There are the Blue John mines at Castleton https://www.bluejohn-cavern.co.uk/ nearly as expensive as Milwaukee.

    But you must see the Crescent, just round from the Old Hall. https://www.visitbuxton.co.uk/the-crescent/ The home of Buxton Water that you buy in the supermarkets. There is a well that runs 24/7 and people fill their bottles for free. It is totally unprocessed, straight from the ground. Filtered through the limestone and the same temperature all year round. In winter it feels warm, and in summer feels cool.

    The town missed their way, they could have been on par with Bath for the roman features it had.
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    fantastic Bazza, heard of bakwell pudding that was the original pudding before the tart I believe
  6. Yes, that's correct. My mate used to own the factory, but died of throat cancer. His family had the recipe which is top secret and well guarded.
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    oh jesus not a great way to go
  8. If the weather is anything like, a drive through the Goyt Valley is good and there is some walking there. Spent many happy years there and my mum used to fly fish in the reservoir.
  9. No, he was only 60. My best mate in school.

    His family had a farm and I spent many happy hours there haymaking and helping out. Big loss.
  10. You working or holidaying?
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    Holidaying, my daughter booked it so me and the mrs are going halfs towards it which usually ends up 3/4 and we pay for everything there
  12. Any questions etc while you're there I'll try and answer, same for directions et, but satnav will give you most of what you need.

    You will also be close to Ladybower Reservoir, on the road to Sheffield. That is where the Dambusters practised as the terrain and dam were almost identical to where they were being tasked.
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    Lokking forward to it, I have heard its really beautiful around that area, appreciate your local knowledge.
  14. If you get round some of the outlying villages, Dove Holes, Peak Dale, Chapel-en-le-frith that's where I spent most of my time as an apprentice.

    We wired Thornwood Court flats.

    My grandfather was the groundsman at Buxton cricket ground.
  15. Feel free to ask while you are there, if I can help I will (but I think you know that).
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    I will send you some pics to remenise
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  18. The Devonshire Dome https://www.devonshiredome.co.uk/ ss the largest unsupported dome in Europe. It also has a whispering gallery. Used to be a hospital, I spent a couple of weeks in there as a child and my grandmother was an auxilliary nurse there.
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    looks like there is some interesting places to visit
  20. Don't think you will be disappointed, but it can be very cold.

    You also have Jodrell Bank radio telescope within easy travelling distance https://www.jodrellbank.net/

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