Bringing door Frames back to life

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Iron_Mike, May 13, 2018.

  1. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member


    I am trying to bring back some door frames to life.

    I have given them a good sand down and have painted them.

    However I am now thinking they should be glossed to give them a really good finish.

    I primed them with Dulux Quick Dry Wood Primer 2 in 1. I thought this primer was quite good.

    I then used Dulux Satinwood as my top coat. I thought this paint was pretty poor. It seems to be quite watery and doesn't give the best finish.

    I have never used a gloss paint before, so wasn't sure my best option to go for.

    Any advice appreciated.


  2. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    Are you looking for water based or oil base gloss?
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  3. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member

    My knowledge of different kinds of gloss is minimal.

    What would you recommend Astramax?
  4. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    The Dulux Satinwood, was it the water based one, if so you will get away with a quick light sand over and I would use Crown FastFlow Gloss straight on top of the Satinwood, two coats with a Purdy monarch brush will do the trick. Remember two tin coats is better than one thick coat.
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  5. Iron_Mike

    Iron_Mike Active Member

    I think it must be water based.

    I will give that Crown Fast Flow a try.

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