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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by spindle, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. spindle

    spindle New Member

    Hi all
    I had British gas round today to service my 3 year valient eco tec 831 boiler as part of there monthly plan i joined, i was surprised to find the guy that came round seemed more like a British gas sales person wanting to sell me loads of things, like a filter to stop sludge in the rads at a cost of £100. if the boiler breaks down due to sludge I am not covered due to not taking him up on his kind offer.

    Anyhow he left me with an at risk notice for the following reasons.

    1 = the condense pipe running to the gutter should be 32mm not 22mm

    2 = the overflow pipe should be bent in towards the house not straight even though it goes on to the garage roof

    3 = flue clamping bracket not fixed to the inside of the wall.

    Is the above all correct?

    My questions are
    How do i make a hole in the wall that is taking the 22mm pipe 32mm with a core cutter?
    Can i just put a 90deg push fit elbow on the overflow pipe to make it bend towards the house and as for the clamping plate i think i will just screw it to the wall.

    Thanks for any advice given
  2. bustagut

    bustagut New Member

    As the white pipe goes through the wall and elbows down, just cut it about 3 or 4 inches below the elbow and carry on in 32mm.
    The overflow pipe you refer to is a pressure relief pipe ands needs to be soldered, though you could use compression fittings which would look pretty cr4ppy.
    The flue clamping bracket is not actually a clamping bracket and is basically there to tidy the job up, has the flue itself been sealed to the wall so that no gasses can come back through?
  3. midlands heating

    midlands heating New Member

    yea BG to one of mine today same thing sell sell sell they are useless bunch of maggots !!
  4. spongeblob

    spongeblob New Member

    they are useless bunch of maggots !!

    Hear Hear, I would also question the At Risk ticket, contact Gasafe and tell them your being bullied and made to feel unsafe in your own home,always get the operatives name and number.******* bunch of aresoles.
  5. sam spade

    sam spade Active Member

    yea BG to one of mine today same thing sell sell sell they are useless bunch of maggots !!

    Then I must have met the exception on Tuesday!

    We decided to have the loft insulated and BG were offering the best deal; So I filled in the on-line appointment form, which said that the survey could take up to two hours! My immediate thought was that he would try to sell me a new boiler (Apollo Fanfare at the moment) etc etc.

    The surveyor came two days ago, looked in the loft, asked what we want done about the boarded area, filled in the form, which I signed, and then left. In and out in under 30 minutes.

    NO hard sell! Didn't even ask about the boiler!
  6. spindle

    spindle New Member


    thanks for your input, i have a couple of questions

    if i leave the 22mm going through the wall to the outside then increase to 32mm will the 22mm part want lagging and does that meet current regs or is it better to make the 25mm hole bigger and do the whole thing in 32mm ?

    also the pressure relief pipe, is it not allowed to be push fit as i do not have any soldering kit, and a cooper push fit elbow costs only £2.

    as for the filter is there any need for it and does it cost £100 to supply and fit ? if so what is it and where does it go.

    thanks for your time
  7. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    yes you can leave the 22 through the wall, make sure its running downhill and a elbow immediatly on the outside into 35mm pipe,
    the pressure release pipe should be soldered, because of the high temperature of the steam if the relief ever blew of at pressure,
    the filter, depends on your area, age of installation and how guable you are,:)
    up here in wigan i've never fitted one, but if it increases sales, i might start
  8. howlsatthemoon

    howlsatthemoon New Member

    £100 for a filter thingy? bg love them but i thought it was about £200 off them? must be trying to get rid of their crappy magnacleans. aren't they switching to spirotechs? basically bg are a cunch of bunts. your relief pipe HAS to terminate where it isn't going to cause harm or nuisance and good practice is to aim it downwards and back to the wall so that it doesnt maim someone if it goes off and sprays rather hot water everywhere.

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