Brown speckles on ceiling

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Tangoman, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Tangoman

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    A friend of mine has just bought a place and is painting it up. One ceiling though is causing problems so I went round to have a look. Originally it was white and they've just repainted it, but now in patches (12-18" across) brown speckles have come through. My first thought was mould when she mentioned it was mould, but having looked at it does not appear like this at all. Could it be rust from the screws holding the plasterboard in place?
    Would a solution be to coat in PVA sealer and then repaint or to use an oil based paint?


  2. dectip

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    This is probably water marks from some previous leak of some sort so pva is out.Oil based sealer will stop the marks bleeding through but after repainting the whole ceiling with emulsion you might find that the "patch"will be whiter than the rest of the ceiling.
  3. Tangoman

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    Cheers dectip,
    But why would water marks suddenly show through when they weren't there prior to painting?

    Think the solution might be to recoat the whole ceiling with oil based paint to avoid patches.

  4. Sprocket

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    Pliolite based smooth exterior masonry paint is excelent for covering stains & watermarks on ceilings.

  5. dectip

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    it,s the moisture content of the emulsion that activates the staining,but as you say,coating the whole ceiling with oil based material is a sound solution.
    Can be a bit smelly though.
    good luck.

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