BT versatility telephone system.

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  1. EH59 AMP

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    I have just fitted a second hand one for a company, who supplied it themselves. two analogue lines going in, the problem is:

    when you use a phone, that line goes red for all other users, as it should, when you put the phone down, the line is cleared, BUT the lights dont go green on the other phones until a minute after and if you ring that line, you get the ringing tone,but no phones ring and because the line appears open, it doesn't get transferred to line 2.

    so basically if someone has been on lines 1 and 2 , nobody can ring in or out for a minute afterwards.

    I think its a fault in the black analogue card and am going to recommend them to get another one at £150.

    anyone fitted similar systems? any other theories.
  2. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Theory only : Is there a tweak somewhere that you can set the delay(preferably to 0) ?

    Mr. Handyandy - really
  3. EH59 AMP

    EH59 AMP New Member

    thats what i though originally, but it must be faulty, why would the makers want their phones unusable for a minute afterwards.
  4. M107

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    Just spoke to my cousin who used to work for BT, he said it may be a programming mismatch between the BT lines & the settings of the versatillity config, a common problem apparently.
    He said to give BT tech line a call.
    He sent this over might be of some help.

    BT Versatility
    Installation and Maintenance Manual
    All faults can normally be traced quite readily to a particular PCB. Prior to replacing any PCB, fault
    conditions should be checked to see if they are caused by programming or mis-operation. The
    Featurephone display will often indicate which system features have been set.

    • System not initialising
    Check that all system cards have been properly installed, with all connectors fully located.

    • No incoming calls
    Check that all phones programmed to ring are not programmed for DND or divert.

    • Extension outgoing locked
    If you cannot get outgoing access on a 2-wire telephone, move a Featurephone to the extension. If it
    shows EXTN LOCK, the extension has been locked and you will need the unlock code to unlock it.

    • No extension dial tone
    Check that the extension has not been disconnected through programming.

    • Not seizing a line for outgoing calls
    • Check if the line has been programmed for incoming calls only.
    • Check if the line is equipped in programming.
    • Check that the key is programmed for line access.
    • Door intercom not operating
    Check the programming for the door intercom.

    • Phone reset
    Remember the simple phone reset code 739, which can be dialled from any extension phone.

    • System reset
    Reset: To do a warm reset of the BT Versatility press the reset button on the CCU MDF. You may also
    choose programming mode and choose system, reset options, and reset.
    Reset to default: To do a cold reset of the BT Versatility, enter programming mode and choose system,
    reset options, and reset to default.
    This will reset ALL programming to factory default.
  5. Lectrician

    Lectrician Screwfix Select

    I can help.

    PM me at
  6. EH59 AMP

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    cheers m107,there are a few tricks in there that i will try, i am going back on thursday,will give them a go.
  7. Talon

    Talon New Member

    I've come across this and similar problems before on BT Meridian systems (delays in line clearing or lines not clearing at all).

    M107 is correct with it being a mismatch between the the line type and pbx line configuration.

    Try changing the PBX line config from guarded and unguarded loop (or vice-versa).
    you will find details of how to do this on page 96 of this manual:

    Hope that helps!

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