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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by oakesj, May 23, 2009.

  1. oakesj

    oakesj New Member


    I have just bought a new house, bing a bugalow, i am looking to re-wire it, background i have done my 16th edition about 15 years ago and things have now moved on with part p and 17th edition, i also have never practiced electrical as i went into the electronics trade.Can you tell me what circuits you would recomend for a 3 bed bugalow on a split load cu?
  2. lightning bolt

    lightning bolt New Member

    wot you going to put in the house
  3. 2 lighting circuits

    2 ring Mains or perhaps 2-3 radial circuits (sockets)

    1 cooker point

    1 shower circuit (unless using combi?)

    1 Boiler circuit

    1 Immersion (unless its a combi?)

    Outside lighting

    Outside Socket

    Power to Garage or shed


  4. steve CF

    steve CF New Member

    On a typical domestic installation everything now needs to be RCD protected, so a typical split load consumer unit is out of date.
  5. wise uncle

    wise uncle New Member

    My questions are, what's a bugalow rewire & bing a bugalow?
  6. brumsparky

    brumsparky New Member

    ill do it for a 2.4 k save you the hassel
  7. lightning bolt

    lightning bolt New Member

    wots a bing bungalow
  8. oakesj

    oakesj New Member

    i think reginald as answerd my question,
    was thinking,

    kitchen 32A
    alarm 6A
    ring 1 32A
    ring 2 32A
    light 1 6A
    light 2 6A
    outdoor lighting 6A or 32?
    boiler combi 16A?

    it has a built in garage will i need a seperate curcuit or could it be taken off one of the rings?
    for a gas oven and hob will you need a seperate 40A mcb ahs needed for an electric oven or can they go on the kitchen ring?
  9. lightning bolt

    lightning bolt New Member

    out door lighting 32 wot you putting up flood lights for the local football team
  10. the kitchen ring?

    Out door lighting, 6A willbe plenty..

    Boilers only need about 3A..


    Night All..

  11. Adam Amp

    Adam Amp New Member

    My questions are, what's a bugalow rewire & bing a bugalow?

    Here's one wise, they seem to be like an up market bungalow :)
  12. oakesj

    oakesj New Member

    being a bungalow, lol
  13. oakesj

    oakesj New Member

    reginald thought part p stateted kichen appliances needed to be on there own circuit?

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