Building a Decking Base on Sloping Concrete Surface

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by stitch-up, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. stitch-up

    stitch-up Member

    Hi all,

    I've been set a task of constructing a decking base by swmbo for early Summer use! The Base will be approximately 4m x 4m with two sides near or against 2 walls of the house. Exiting from our conservatory onto the decking. The decking will rest on an existing sloping concrete base.

    At one side of the decking we'd like to place our Lazy Spa hot tub.

    So, I'd really appreciate some tips :)

    Can I plan to build directly onto concrete or will I need to dig through to secure posts? I'm hoping not :)
    Will I need to use stronger timbers to take the weight of the hot tub?
    When exiting the conservatory onto the decking, should the decking be running in any particular direction?
    e.g. line groves running along the width of the house or away from the house?

    I have had some who says he'd build it for me but tbh, he didn't fill me with confidence and a timber supplier of decking hasn't bothered to get back to us!!

    Many thanks.

  2. Steve baker

    Steve baker New Member

    You can get post fixings that screw directly to the concrete then to the post ....... if your looking at putting the hot tub on the deck i would suggest you use 6 x 2 timber frame with a spacing off 400mm will want approximately 16 posts
  3. stitch-up

    stitch-up Member

    Thank you Steve, your advice is very much appreciated. With regards to the screw-in post, would you have a picture of one or a link to the product just so I know what I should be looking for?

    Thanks again.
  4. Steve baker

    Steve baker New Member

    Screwfix dont seem to stock them ...... just put galvanized bolt down post fixings into google and you will se what i am suggesting..... remember over 4m you will need a 50mm fall or the decking will hold water and grow moss

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