Building a false fireplace wall

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  1. Hi guys,

    This weekend need to stick up a stud wall and plasterboard for a false fireplace / tv wall.

    Having not done this before, I am wondering what the best way to build the alcove is. Specifically two areas;

    1. Should I build the opening exact size to the fireplace surround? The surround legs are U shaped and return back to the wall.

    2. Internally, I will be using brick slips, should I set the internal walls back slightly so the brick slips butt up flat? IE continue the plaster inside the opening say 10cm and drop the internal wall back in slightly at that point?

    Lastly, reckon I am ok to just attach the brickslips direct onto plasterboard? The fire going in is electric and purely for show, we won't use it for heat and if we ever did it kicks out the front like a fan so internally there is no heat.

    Plan on using CLS timber for the stud wall, assume this is ok given no structural or carrying much weight?!

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Dan Parkinson

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    Make the opening bigger than the internal size of the surround then run your brick slips up to the back of it.

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