Building a Log Cabin Base / Floor

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Djt1972, Jan 3, 2020.

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    I've purchased a log cabin to be used as an office / mad cave, The Measurements are 3880 wide x 2980 deep

    The cabin Ihave purchased has no floor, this was to save a little money as i don't need a nice floor as it will not be the final finish.

    So I'll be building a base from 4x2 treated timbers but have a few qestions i hope somene can help with. I'm experience DIY not tade so be gentle :)

    1, I'll be builing the base on concrete blocks then the timbers on top with DPC meterial between them. Is this correct, I understand the DPC should stop the damp rising from the blocks to the wood.

    2, On the Sides I'll double up the beams for added strength and join together ith bolts every 1m ? is this sufficient.

    3, The most important question, I'll be spacing the floor beams 200mm apart as I want a sturdy base, with 18mm OSB on top.
    So what spacing should I be using for the Base blocks the beams will sit on? I was assuming a block every meter or thereabouts based on the total footprint size So 20 blocks in total
    Blocks will be just above groud level as i want it as close to this as possible when finished.

    Thanks in advance

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