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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by house and home, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. house and home

    house and home New Member

    been asked to quote on a rendering job!.....the external of a garage and conservatory, garage is 10x3 and conservatory is approx 6x4, tyhe garage and cons' wrap around the back corner of a detached house in a L shape,, the builders who built it have told the customer that no planning or building control will be needed? is that right? I was under the assumption that all new build etc needs b/c at least!!!!!

    The work has been done to a decent standard at first glance but then a few little things seem to crop up, such as the floor in cons is just a level base dug out of existing garden,,no visqueen no under floor ventilation and the customer has said that floor joists will be put in? and that they will be tannalised!!!! so wont get wet! the way that they will go in is to just sit on the existing sub soli/rubble!!! sounds dodgy to me! should I be advising her of anything unusual or just me nose out and do the rendering?
  2. bapon 1

    bapon 1 New Member

    Hi, is the garage attached to the house? If so, it requires Building Regs. The conservatory may need Regs if its not thermally separated from the house, not sure about planning though but then again , who is !
  3. house and home

    house and home New Member

    it is attached to the house,....via the new build conservatory, hard to picture but viewed from above the new garage makes a horseshoe shape with the house or a letter "U" (the garage being new) and the conservatory is built in the empty part of the U making the whole building back into a square again!!!! hope that makes sense!
  4. bapon 1

    bapon 1 New Member

    if the garage is attached and newbuild then it does require an application to Building control.if you are just rendering it then why worry but you should mention it to the house owner because the builder is not telling the truth.
  5. house and home

    house and home New Member

    I thought so! householder has been told by me that building control will want a look in on everything but she is convinced by the builder that it doesnt,,,,,I will put in the price for the render, but I have a good honest reputation and would be gutted if she is asked to take anything down/alter anything, as the neighbours etc will see my van outside the house and assume I am in on the bad build!!!!...............catch 22 i think!
  6. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    H&h, you are right to worry about your reputation - if this goes pear-shaped to any degree, there's every chance your company name will also be batted around when peeps talk about this job.

    The design of the floor is... words fail me. Why on earth is the builder not doing a solid floor - with insulation, of course - rather than what won't even be a 'suspended' floor?! What flooring will the home-owner want fitted? If tiles, then a solid floor is the only sensible way to go.

    Building regs, I believe, apply to conservatories too. There was a change around the mid-late 90's where the construction had to be 'certified' in some way - I've no idea what the details are but recall being asked for it when I sold my last house onto which I'd built a 'servatory. (I, er, just said it was built pre this date...).

    There are standard requirements for floor and dwarf wall insulation, I understand, and it doesn't sound as tho' this build is seeing any of them.

    Have a good, private, chat with the owner...
  7. house and home

    house and home New Member

    I did try talking to her when I went out to quote, and "suggested" a few things that didnt look right, and tried to steer her towards having building control check things out,,,,,,but she was quite taken by my suggestions and dismissed them quite harshly, I assumed that the builder was some sort of friend of hers so just kept quiet!!!!

    cheers for the advice,,,,,like I said catch 22! do I do the work.....god knows I need it! but then again if I do I may never get any work round that area again if she is asked to start to rip out the new build!!!!!!! oh dear!
  8. ecm

    ecm New Member

    Building regs, I believe, apply to conservatories too.

    That's incorrect Mr DA. As a rule conservatories are BRegs exempt, as long as they are under 30m2 and thermally separated from the main dwelling.

    @House and home - you've informed the householder of your concerns, so I would just keep your nose out now and let them do whatever. Just carry on with the rendering. As far as I'm concerned you've carried out your duty of care from a professional regulatory POV.
  9. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    If you choose to do the rendering and need the work, make sure the householder accepts, your not responsible for any future problems with building control.

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