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    Hi, so i am currently building a deck. My plan was to have concrete footings below the frost line at each of the corners and then one in the centre at each side. I have just looked where i was going to dig one side of the posts and there is concrete already there that wont be removable because there is a pipe that goes through it. I have no clue what the pipe is for and if its still being used (i live in a house built in 1905) but i dont want to remove it. My garden is in 3 layers and i want the decking on the middle layer (like in the image attached). I have seen videos of people building decks using above ground concrete piers just laid on the ground but im worried that in scotland the concrete might be ruined because its not below the frost line. It will have concrete footing below the frost line at the other side of the decking, just not where the pipe and concrete is. Would this work? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? The other thing i though about was just having chips on the middle layer and just laying the decking on it with the posts at the other end but im worried that will create problems if the decking sinks in the chips. Theres also vertical concrete paving thats about 5cm thick but im worried that bolting it into that could create problems if its not secure enough. Can anyone help? concrete.jpg decking.png
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    My other idea is to dig the posts away from the concrete and have beams that the decking can sit on. Would that work?

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