Building over a manhole cover

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by soil pipe, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. soil pipe

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    Can anyone offer advice on the regulation for manhole covers.

    I want to extend my kitchen but there is a manhole cover a foot outside the back door. The extension would obviously go straight over this.

    I've had a couple of builders quotes from:

    1 we'll build over it and put a sealed cover on it.

    2 the manhole has to come outside of the property and run back on the line again under the extension.

    3 you can't do that, the manhole has to stay because the water company won't give you permission to work on it.

    4, you can't do that, the manhole has to come outside because of paragraph 1 of regulation whatdyamacallit.

    It sounds reasonable to move it so it stays outside.
    Can anyone offer more sound advice please.
  2. hallbeck

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    If its a shared drain and was laid prior to 1934 then its owned and maintained by the water board - you will need their permission to do anything to it.

    If not then i would ask your Building Inspector. He will have to approve anything that you do with it anyway and he may just a have a good idea about the best course of action.

    Its a bit hard to recommend a course of action without having seen the situation.
  3. G Brown

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    Only a fool would build over it so either option 1 or move advised, see what your local utility co and bco say about it.

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