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  1. This post may sound a bit political but I think that I need to give some detail to form it.

    To begin I will state that I don't care what anyone is or does as long as it is legal and does not affect others.

    I don't know how many on here have heard of Stonewall or the Trans movement. Basically Stonewall is a pre trans gender organisation which advises (and gets paid by) government bodies, councils, businesses, schools etc. The promote self ID by trans women (a trans woman is a fully intact man who decides that he is a woman) and they also promote and demand the use by trans women (men) of women's private spaces, swimming pool changeing rooms, toilets, shop changing rooms etc, in fact some of the major retailers now only have mixed changing rooms. I for one dont want a man in the same showers as my 73 year old mother! Trans women can be sent to womens prisons for rape and the other inmates can get extra time for calling them he and not her.

    So, here is my building question.

    Building Regs 17.5.6

    "AD M 2014 suggests the number cubicles available to women should be at least equal to the number of unirals available to men"

    No mention of unisex toilets apart from those for the handicaped.

    If a resturant is built to the regs but later changes it toilets to men and "others" (this is happening in schools and council buildings near me in S Oxfordshire) is it contrivening the Building Regs?

    If so, I believe reporting it to the local authority would be a waste of time as Stonewall have so much clout in coucils.

    Could an induvidual take Civil procedings against a resturant as the BR's are Regulations and not statute?
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    You been reading DIYNOT? o_O

    "Suggests" and "should" be at least equal are not absolutes, and the wording and terminology could and most likely will be argued until the end of time or funds run out. Regulations are not laws, as you stated.
  3. This is the basis of my question really, how much clout do the BR's have?

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