Building regulations UK – Fire resistant door for a reception room?

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by DLS, Jul 31, 2021.

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    I live in a Victorian detached house with a loft conversation. I am about to extend our back reception/garden room with a single-story extension with the usually bi-fold doors (no kitchen just a room).

    Our architect said I must use a fire resistant door from hallway into this room because we have a loft conversation.

    Is this a legal requirement as the room will not contain a kitchen and there are 3 external doors on the ground floor and a Juliet balcony with external doors on the first floor which offer several fire escape routes?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. jonathanc

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    Ask your architect to provide you with the specific reference in the building regulations. That’s what you are paying him for!!

    btw from member I think he is right but better to get him to earn his money to provide the reference
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    The fire door is to protect the escape route used to leave the building from upstairs, so presumably your hallway. Imagine if there was a fire in the garden room. How would you escape from the rest of the building?
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    Thank you for your responses and I will definitely ask my architect for the specific reference :)

    I do understand it is better to have fire resistant internal doors than not, and even why you have them on a kitchen or a door which blocks your escape route. I do take the risk of fire seriously, we have mains connected smoke alarms in every room and our main escape route is the front door which is a lot closer to the stairs and the external balcony doors on the first floor if the ground floor was on fire.

    The reason I don't want to forced to install a fire resistant door is cost and light, I was hoping to install a glass door like we have on the front reception room to allow light into the long, narrow and dark Victorian hallway. We have been quoted thousands of pounds for a glass fire door.

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