Building stud walls onto slab before underfloor heating

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Willoughby, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Willoughby

    Willoughby New Member

    Doing an extension and have laid a concrete slab which is due to have insulation and wet underfloor heading and then screed installed. I want to build the stud walls before the UFH is put in, but worry about cold bridging damp up the studs.

    Could do with advice on how to fit the sole plates either
    1) screwing it into the concrete (could wrap it in visqueen)
    2) laying a row of concrete blocks on dpm rjust below final screed level and then screwing the sole plate into them.

    Any practical advice would be welcome about the way to go...
  2. Northfield

    Northfield New Member

    This is exactly my situation too and I've been searching the net for a solution. I'm thinking of laying a course of blocks just above screed level and then fixing a sole plate to it. Alternatively, could I just fix the sole plate to the concrete slab and then turn up the DPM above the insulation so that the screed doesn't make contact with the timber?

    Hoping someone with experience can advice.
  3. Boberto92

    Boberto92 New Member

    I've done this a few times both ways you've suggested but when I did the studwork straight onto slab we used 12mm ply at bottom up to just above floor level so the celotex and screed had a barrier and support for the dpm. The skirting hid the joint to plaster board. The blockwork up to damp also worked but was inconvenient for an entire ground floor as bricklayer can't lay out door openings and keep walls square etc so was better to lay out walls in timber plates. I think using timber would reduce cold bringing. If your still worried maybe you could sandwich the insulation they use around the walls with underfloor heating between 2 sole plates and once it's screeded in it can't move so won't need many fixings if your worried about puncturing through dpc
  4. jack pablo

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