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  1. Carp Addict

    Carp Addict New Member

    Anyone of you builders out there use Buildstore for self builds or for finding building land,as in the near future i am hoping to build a house and then sell it on?

  2. ProDave

    ProDave New Member

    I didn't use buildstore to find the land for our house (4 years ago now) as I object to the principle that the BUYER has to pay to view what is on sale. Instead we found our plot through an estate agent. Where abouts are you looking for land?

    Back then the buildstore site had a very usefull message board where you could discuss all aspects of building with other self builders. Strangely they discontinued that a couple of years ago, and I haven't found anything like it since. Not even this board, you only seem to get professional builders on here or people wanting advice for small jobs. I don't think I have ever seen anyone on here discussing a full blown self build before.

    I did however use the self build site insurance that is offered via the buildstore web site. It gives you 2 years site insurance that converts to house buildings insurance as soon as the house is complete. It gave me peace of mind and a reasonable price.
  3. Carp Addict

    Carp Addict New Member

    Okay cheers for the info mate,anywhere in the berkshire area or surrrey area.Also does anyone know if its possible to get money to build the house and then once its sold pay it back in one go?

  4. Unless you have a proven financial or track record there isnt really anyone who would risk lending unsecured without regular monthly repayments with the additional luxury of repaying when completed. Deferred payment I think they call it. If it was that easily available then we would all have been building for profit for years and smoking Cuban cigars by now. The banks that do charge a horendous final payment which removes the majority of achievable profit. You need to find a private individual/s willing to invest in your goal but you have to sell yourself hard for them to be remotely interested.
    Got the T Shirt. Best of Luck and keep dreaming.
  5. Stoday

    Stoday New Member

    I built my self build house (230 sq m) this year.

    Buildstore try to attract self builders by giving you a card and 10% discount.

    I never used it, not for even a single thing in the house. If you can't negotiate a bigger discount with other suppliers you shouldn't be building your own house.
  6. Virtual Voodoo

    Virtual Voodoo New Member

    When a House is said to be X square metres, is that measured internal or externally?
  7. ProDave

    ProDave New Member

    That depends who measures it and for what purpose.

    When I describe our house as 92 square metres per floor, I am refering to the internal floor area.

    But when the council tax surveyor comes to measure it for you council tax valuation, he will measure the external area.
  8. Virtual Voodoo

    Virtual Voodoo New Member

    So your House has 2.5 Floors then ProDave?

    230/92=2.5! ;)
  9. Virtual Voodoo

    Virtual Voodoo New Member


    Sorry ProDave, I was looking at Stoday's House as yours!

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