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  1. donald duck

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    Hi all :)

    I am planning to have some built in wardrobes installed, And was hoping you of you could give me some adivce regarding price, length of job and method etc

    Basically i want built in warbobes in 2 different seperate bedrooms.

    One wardrobe 5m long and 2.4m high, which will comprise a wardrobe, a shelving unit around the chimney breast, then 2 more wardobes seperated by a gap for a double bed, and then cupborads above the wardrobes  and spanning the gap between the wardrobes above the gap for the double bed, if you get me?

    And the another single wardrobe 1.2m wide and 2.4m high.

    I know its hard give an exact figure, but what sort of price am i looking at for the job, down into labour andtmaterials? and how long do you think it would take for them to complete the job? (if it helps with pricing i live in south wales)

    Also if you not mind asnwering another couple of questions, what sort of material do you think is best? and what sort of construction? i.e would t be best to have them made out of MDF or plywood etc? or in timber frame?

    Sorry for so many questions lol i hope you can help, all adivce appreciated :)

    Cheers dd
  2. spacesavber

    spacesavber New Member

    Hi DD.

    Bit of a tall order. So lets get things in order and go from there - this is more of what I call a built-in an is in essence a piece of furniture. Also do you want internal ighting (very usefeul) and what kinof storage do you want: open shelves, wire baskets, drawers, bespoke storage solutions (our speciality).

    Nitty Gritty time:
    1: What kind of finish do you require? the finsh may well determine the materials required.
         a: Painted
         b: Natural wood/stained/waxed
         c: Plastic/melamine finsh?
         d: Other

    2: What kind of style do you want it in:
         a: Shaker - timeless, undersated and elegant
         b: Arts and Crafts - simlar to Shaker but more arty.
         c: Modern - plain and relises on finsih to make a statement
         d: Other

    3: Constuction.
         a: Basic box - 2* sides, 1 base, 1* top and 1* back + Doors - usually max of 1.2 metre in width (each door 600mm or less)
         b: Frame - Outlined in wood with doors hund of vertical frame...more to follow
  3. spacesavber

    spacesavber New Member

    Part Deux...

    4: Doors - the most important part of the project - you look at these ALL the time. the choice of door types and styles are truly huge.
         a: Hand made cope and stick (beautiful - this is what the old guy's (1700's) used to do for the nobility - done right they are truly beautiful.
         b: Veneer wraped MDF - good ones look great, cheap ones look, well cheap!
         c: Slab overlay doors - look at B and Poo!

    5: Fittings:
         a: European hinges - very common these days
         b: Standard hinges - cheaper in most respects, but no good for MDF ( MDF on its edge has little holding power) and requires setting - time consuming; even with jigs.
         c: handles? and all other fittings...once you start to think, you will come up with more options than you initially though of.

    6:  Installation:
         a: Do you want the wardrobes scribed to you your  walls and floors (nothing is square or level, but by the use of mouldings and trim, you fool the eye into thinking that all is sqaure)
         b: Stand alone - easiest 
  4. spacesavber

    spacesavber New Member

    Part three...
    7:Costings can be boken down into XX sections:
         a: Materials (real European oak or melamine), Blum fittings or standard fitting - see Screwfix for price range.
         b: Constuction - bespoke or off the shelf or a comnination of both (recomended)
         c: Finsh - painted (filling, undercoat, at least 3 top coats + paint) - waxed, varnished (Oak/ real woods etc), edge banded ( melamine boards etc)
         d: Installation - flat pack - you do it, stand alone or fully fitted (the most expensive by far!!!)

    Drop me a line Tom 01204 594420 or tom dot spacesavers at live dot co dot uk - I will send you my style guide (it's in its infancy[even this may be a stretch of the imagination]). After discussion, I will also try to put together a cost schedule - why beacaue I should have done this last year and I need to do this.

    Note we are bespoke cabinet makers, who sometimes do kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

    Bye Tom
  5. spacesavber

    spacesavber New Member

    It's me again - ahve alook on youtube under kitchen cabinet design - you will get ideas.

  6. spacesavber

    spacesavber New Member

    Hi It's me - this time regarding example pricing...

    Work on between £900 to £1000 per metre...so what does this get you?

    Wardrobe carcass made out of wood grain (Oak) MFC,  shaker style doors (euro hinges and fixings), hanging shelves, internal lighting etc. Carcass edged with Oak face frame, Oak cornice scribed to ceiling and end panels scribed to wall  - 3.6 m in length, 2.4m high + inc electics came in at ashed over £3700 inc Vat.This had a lot of additional extras and secret wiring for concelaed lights andautomatic swithes - all fittings Blum.
  7. balchy

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    Don't ya love going to all that trouble for **** all
  8. timber ninja

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    i would never answer someone calling themselves donald duck . . .

    he already did me for £1200 last summer!

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