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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Roger 93:20, Nov 23, 2022 at 9:42 PM.

  1. Roger 93:20

    Roger 93:20 Member

    Considering buying a bungalow and would like to understand how to make the property
    more secure especially at night. Are external steel roller shutters a good way to go or are internal wooden shutters any deterrent? Thankful for any suggestions so I can price the favoured option.
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  2. Davie

    Davie Member

    If it is such a high-crime area that you need steel shutters then you might want to think of buying a bungalow somewhere else?
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  3. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Read the estate agents description again, the bungalow is the ex wardens residence within the grounds of an open prison.
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  4. Muzungu

    Muzungu Screwfix Select

    Seriously (and why not!), roller shutters will cost an absolute fortune and look hideous. I am assuming they will be electrically operated. I suppose wooden shutters may be a deterrent if one is needed, but how much of a risk is this? So last thing at night you will be going round locking the shutters? Reminds me of the Will Smith post apocalyptic film, "I Am Legend".

    Are you sure you are not going over the top a bit?
  5. Cris 11

    Cris 11 Member

    I have lived in bungalows for 30 years and never had a problem with security.
    You will never stop a determined burglar but making things more difficult for them will send them somewhere else.
    I have pir floodlights and CCTV front and rear, buy decent locks especially if you have the euro cylinder type locks often used on upvc doors, get the high security ones that aren't so easily snapped.
    I didn't bother with an alarm but useful if your worried about intruders when you are asleep, most burglars would see the alarm box and just go somewhere else.
    When you start putting shutters on doors you must consider the fire risk, you may have to get out quick and have limited ways to go.
    Upvc windows with decent locks are another must have, but keep all keys near their locks where you can easily find them remember in the event of fire you may have no lights lots of smoke and a very limited time to get out so a decent torch near your bed could save your life.
  6. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    What difference does it make that it's a bungalow? Bad guys can climb stairs
  7. Roger 93:20

    Roger 93:20 Member

    Thanks for the reply’s

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