Burying JG pipes in screed

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  1. jonniejoejonson

    jonniejoejonson New Member

    I need to bury pipes leading to 4 rads in screed. As I understand it burying any fittings in screed is a no go. Therefore I am using JG plastic pipe in JG conduit and doing long runs to each rad to remove any fittings.
    Question 1: Where the flow and return pipes meet each radiator there will need to be a fitting which will need to be buried in the screed. How fo you solve this if they cant be buried in screed?
    Question 2. Do I need to put lagging around the JG conduit?
  2. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Well-Known Member

    We used this to run all our ground floor services in most recent house project https://manthorpebuildingproducts.co.uk/product/gw510-gw511-pipe-cable-ducting

    The JG pipe was terminated into copper elbows rising to the rads through the ply capping. Really good solution. Only drawback is that when the concrete floor was laid, I think they had a little bit of a game keeping the ducts down as they tended to float. Consider securing them down before laying the final screed.
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  3. dobbie

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    Use ducts as mentioned by mr rusty, or make ducts for the pipes, but do the job properly though.Forget plastic pipes and use copper which is a 100% better job all round.
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  4. jonniejoejonson

    jonniejoejonson New Member

    Mr Rusty and Dobbie thanks for your advice - I will look into ducting. All the best, J
  5. jonniejoejonson

    jonniejoejonson New Member

    Hey guys, one last question on this - If I had the option to go up through the ceiling with the pipes, would this be a better option? Advantages seem to be that if there was a leak I'd be able to detect it quicker, as even with ducting there would be flooring over the top. Thanks for your continued help.
  6. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Active Member

    I'd go with dropping down from the ceiling probably, doing that in my lounge and are left with two small boxed in sections in a couple of corners. Burying pipes in the floor is fine until something goes wrong, then its a right ball ache.
  7. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Well-Known Member

    You weigh up the pros and cons of the actual situation. Using JG in ducting minimises joints. A leak is a leak. From below it may wreck a floor. From above it may do the ceiling, walls and floor. Either way it's trouble. Also, in my case, downwards was not an option for any of the services - electric, gas, or water because I was preserving a fragile edwardian plaster cornice, so everything went in the ducts.
  8. jonniejoejonson

    jonniejoejonson New Member

    Thanks Hans and Mr Rusty for your continued help.

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