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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by klunk1971, Sep 9, 2015.

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    I am currently using a 4x4 for work with business insurance, but due to family issues ill be cutting back days for a bit i do 4 days a month cards in rest of time im self emplyed ,
    I will be going do to 2 days selfemployed mayeb 3 a week just wondering should i carry on with buisness insurnce or just get normal insurance on car and tell em im cards in?

    As its a import wasnt many that would insure it bussiness wise so i pay a premium for that

    what folks think
  2. rd1

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    Depends if you can afford to pay or lose the car if you get caught, around our way the Police would ask and check for correct business insurance if tools were seen in the vehicle and which would suggest working use ( or alternatively going equipped perhaps?? :eek: )
    Personally I would not take the chance even though it may be expensive. Perhaps you need to reconsider if the 8 days a month self employed is really cost effective once all of the self employed overheads are costed out.
  3. klunk1971

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    Its got to be self employed i need the flexiblity of chosing which days i would be working myself really , cant get that if i went back working for a firm should be for about a year, then its either back to full time selfemplyed or find a job pref not in building trade as getting fed up with it now
  4. Astramax

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    Could turn out to be an expensive saving. o_O
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    oh well just a thought
  6. KarimiumCom

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    I thought it was just vans that would get pulled over for checking correct insurance, (because they look like obvious commercial vehicles). To be honest, I don't know how anyone would keep a straight face while getting insurance for a LWB van and say it's for personal use.

    4x4 are used socially a lot. (depends on whether 4x4 pickup or just a range rover style 4x4).

    It's probably not worth the risk in case you do get caught out by a routine sting. You'd get 6 points and have to disloce to future insurers that you were driving without adequate insurance which may affect your chance of getting insurance in future. Do you want to take a chance and potentinally never being able to get insurance again (therefore not work).
  7. goldenboy

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    Definitely not worth the risk. What are you going to save? Next to no money. My commercial insurance is less than a pound a day.
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  8. sospan

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    I have seen stop and check initiatives where they not only check your paper work, the vehicle but also have people from the revenue/ immigration service checking your status.

    It's about your insurance company paying for your crippled legs for the rest of your life if another idiot crashes into you - something completely out of your control.

    With a serious (costly) accident they will look for every opportunity not to pay out.
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