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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by OllyUK, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. OllyUK

    OllyUK Member

    Am needing to drill two holes one for a bathroom extractor and one for kitttchen extractor. Been looking at hiring a core drill bit but they look at about £70 for a day or is it worth buying one this one with an extension bar. Would that be ok for a couple of holes?

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  2. ponty01.

    ponty01. New Member

    If you buy it will you use it again? This is the type of thing to consider
  3. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    A set is only about £150 so IF you are going to use them again buy, if not hire.
  4. OllyUK

    OllyUK Member

    the one I posted the link for was only 40 odd pounds for a single core with extension bar and arbour will still be cheaper than hiring but is that one I posted good enough to do two holes?
  5. OllyUK

    OllyUK Member

    oh just realised they removed the link to toolstation
  6. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Wonder why?

    So long as it's diamond it should do quite a few cuts no problem.
  7. ponty01.

    ponty01. New Member

  8. Mr. C

    Mr. C New Member

    I've been using a 110mm carbide tipped core drill for a couple of years now. Probably cut about 20 holes with it so far & its still going strong. Only needed to replace the pilot drill Cos it fell down a cavity!. Think I paid about £30 for the core drill & arbours. It cuts a bit of a rough hole but does the job.
  9. s.bury

    s.bury Member

    I bought one from Boyes- local cheapy shop chain in n yorks, Yorkshire Stores also sell 'em at £15 for 100mm core, £5 for 300mm extension. Carbide tipped and sds max fitting. Only used it once but flew through dense concrete blocks. If in thermalite- just use your jigsaw!

    I have in the past just drilled a number of small holes in circle, ie 8mm with sds, then break out with cold chisel - 20 mins work max! Sod-taking 2 hours to trek to HSS-hire and back and for £40 as well!!
  10. Cornish Crofter

    Cornish Crofter Active Member

    Last time I hired a core drill a few weeks ago it worked out to £20 plus VAT for the day. Whole lot, drill pilot bit and core piece. We already had the 110v transformer.

    Are you sure you're not getting confused with the weekly hire?
  11. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    Buy buy buy. Forget the cost of hiring, think of all the TIME you spend hiring it and taking it back. If you only plan to drill 2 holes in your career, maybe you'd be better off doing something else....
  12. Rowdey

    Rowdey Member

    Do you have the drill itself or just using a little SDS ?

    Your'll knacker the SDS pretty quickly with big core drill on the end of it.

    That may swing your decision..
  13. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    My DeWalt SDS+ will do 110mm cores no problem, as should any £100+ drill (make sure it has safety clutch). Might have to break the core a few times to reduce friction, but it should be the teeth that do the work.

    Quite often use it in preference to my 6kg SDS Max monster, which isn't the easiest to use up a ladder.

    Unless you're strapped for cash, investment in good quality tools is always the best option!
  14. tackleburger

    tackleburger New Member

    I use a hilti dd110 complete with vacuum kit. Drills in a few minutes esily through most materials with no dust great saves a lot of hassle up ladders etc. Costs a bit but you can lease the tool from Hilti now for £40 a month. and you can always core from inside I do about three or four a month for myself and do some for others at a price so it's worth it. The vacuum can be used for anything wet or dry and you never need to go outside in. ; D
  15. plumbers crack

    plumbers crack New Member

    I have used a £65 bosch sds drill for five years with core drills no prob but you have to watch it doesnt break your wrist.
  16. tackleburger

    tackleburger New Member

    I don't know how you can be bothered with the hassle of an SDS drill and a cheapo core bit. I drilled through a 2 foot granite wall last week it took 12 mins. The sparky gave up.
  17. Simon J

    Simon J New Member

    All depends on how many times you will use it. I hire the cores because I don't use them enough or haven't needed them too often in the past. For me it's a nice to have, but not a necessity at the moment.

    Probably will buy a set of cores one day.
  18. Rowdey

    Rowdey Member

    To be fair, my Makita 2450 SDS mains drill did well for quite a while but it was slow and painfull; the clutch kept on kicking in, and eventually the bearings literally fell out.

    I now know better and have a Metabo BDE1100W core drill and man, that kicks the Makita into row Z..

    Not something the OP needs to buy maybe, but saves lots of time and therefore money.
  19. Refurb Bob

    Refurb Bob New Member

    I always buy if there is a tool I need but don't own.

    Hiring is false economy unless you're a DIYer who gets bored easily!

  20. OllyUK

    OllyUK Member

    Thanks for all info I will probably end up hiring as although I have a decent Bosch dril it is not infact an SDS and from what I've read on here I need an SDS drill. So hire it is.....

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