|Buying house underpinned in 1992, can you suggest a good insurer ?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by questuk, May 18, 2005.

  1. questuk

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    Just buying a house that was underpinned in 1992, i think i can reinsure with there current insurer, but would like alternatives as well?

    Anyone dealt with good insurers for this type of house?


  2. twisty

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    Firstly, make sure that you have a certificate of completion of works for the underpinning which confirms that the work has been done to the required standard.

    With this certificate any good insurer will consider the risk of insuring this property.

    Try one of the big insurers first; someone like Direct Line as some of the smaller insurers may still be hesitant to take on this risk even with the required certificate.

    Hope this info helps.
  3. britishblue

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    You will find it difficult to obtain insurance for an underpinned house, from any other insurer, although not impossible. But it will definitely be more expensive than the insurer who covered the claim for subsidence.

  4. Sprocket

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    You could try the NFU they insured our house when no one else would. 250 year old cottage with a bulging wall (needed wall ties).

    Although we could probably get cheaper insurance elsware now that the work has been done I have stayed with them because of the service that we have recieved when needing to put in a claim.
    Contents - Wife lost a diamon ring.
    Motor - Veihicle break in and damage.
    Business - Tools stolen from van.

  5. HappyHacker

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    When I bought my bungalow 40 years ago a surveyor said the porch had moved (it is about 2 ft deep by 10 ft wide and a gable end). A structural report showed that there were no foundations under the porch, the bricks were just laid on a bed of mortar on the soil, fortunately there are foundations under the rest of the property and some of it is on sandstone bedrock. It was underpinned, I got my mortgage. A structural report about 10 years ago said the work had been done correctly and there was no further movement. I have had no end of problems getting insurance, mention subsidence and the automatic response is "we cannot cover it, go away". Even NFU who passed the second structural report to their underwriters said no. There are insurance agents who specialise in finding insurers but it does tend to be more expensive.

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