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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by 2 a week, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. 2 a week

    2 a week New Member

    Hi were are you guys buying your gear from? glues/mastics/screws/copper/hep/etc.and is it cheap?
  2. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    look up toolstation on due to make my first order.
    definately the cheapest place ive found for plumbing bits.
    let us know how it compares for you??
    mfi still treating you well??
  3. steve the fitter

    steve the fitter New Member

    I say here is the best place to buy from at the moment if you are spending the right money. If not toolstation seems cheaper than most.
  4. JGB

    JGB New Member

    am i right in saying that toolstation is owned by screwfix? if so has anyone done a price comparison on any products?
  5. steve the fitter

    steve the fitter New Member

    i think it may have been owned by the people who used to own screwfix butI could be wrong. Done a price check on most things us kitchen fitters need and it does seem cheaper
  6. kjckitch

    kjckitch New Member

    Only problem with toolstation is they don't do trade accounts
  7. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    i think b&q own screwfix now?????

    for tools,toolstation are not the cheapest but for all other consumables their definately the cheapest i know of.
    much cheaper than screwfix but sometimes screwfix do limted deals that cant be beaten.

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